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Paella and Prayer

May 15, 2013 Journal
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Perhaps you have known the blessing of having a special meal prepared just for you.  We were blessed in Sabadell, Spain, by the host church's preparation of paella for us--the 50 conferees.  (See photo of most of the group.) 

But, how long has it been since you knew the blessing of having hands laid on you and being prayed for?  How long has it been since you joined hands with someone or laid your hand on the shoulder of a friend or colleague or family member and prayed for her or him? 

Our anti-trafficking network believes in celebrating the culture of the places we meet (i.e. eating good food), but, more importantly, we believe in praying for each other. 

Day 2 of our European Baptist Federation Anti-trafficking Network Conference allowed for Bible Study taught by Dr. Marion Carson; presentations on the situations that make people in Bulgaria, Ukraine, and Romania vulnerable to human trafficking; and the Spanish Baptists' presentation on human trafficking in Spain--especially in light of the ongoing economic crisis there.  "Spain has become the brothel of Europe," said Pastor Daniel Banyuls, President of ABSIDE, the Spanish Baptist social ministry. 

Afternoon discussion groups met to talk more about the situation in Eastern Europe and that of Eastern Europeans exploited in the West, the situation in Nigeria and Nigerians exploited in Western Europe, and about how Eastern and Western Europeans can develop their collaboration on trafficking prevention, victim assistance, and providing recovery services to survivors. 

At the end of each group's presentation, conferees gathered around the presenters to pray for them and their work. 

Please continue to pray with me for Baptists in Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Bulgaria--countries of origin for human trafficking.  People there are passionate to change the dynamics that make their people vulnerable.  Pray that their passion will be contagious. 

Pray with me for Baptists in Spain, Italy,  France, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, Switzerland and other destination countries in which trafficking victims are exploited. 

You can get updates on Garrett Zambrows' summer cross-country bicycle ride "Riding against Traffic" at  His June-July route includes stops in:
Danville, IL    6/3/2013
Champagne, IL    6/4/2013
Decatur, IL    6/5/2013
Springfield, IL    6/6/2013
Jacksonville, IL    6/7/2013
Quincy, IL    6/8/2013
Keokuk, IA    6/9/2013
Burlington, IA    6/10/2013
Mt. Pleasant    6/11/2013
Ottumwa, IA    6/12/2013
Knoxville, IA    6/13/2013
West Des Moines, IA   6/14/2013
Atlantic, IA    6/15/2013
Omaha, NE    6/16/2013
Hamburg, IA    6/17/2013
Elwood, KS    6/18/2013
Topeka, KS    6/19/2013
Overland Park, KS    6/20/2013
Overland Park, KS    6/21/2013
Overland Park, KS    6/22/2013
Overland Park, KS    6/23/2013
La Monte, MO    6/24/2013
Columbia, MO    6/25/2013
Hermann, MO    6/26/2013
St. Louis, MO    6/27/2013
St. Elmo, IL   6/28/2013
Terre Haute, IN    6/29/2013
Columbus, IN    6/30/2013
Cincinnati, OH   7/1/2013
Wilmington, OH    7/2/2013
Columbus, OH    7/3/2013
Coshocton, OH    7/4/2013
Bloomingdale, OH    7/5/2013
Pittsburg, PA    7/6/2013
Uniontown, PA    7/7/2013
Frostburg, MD    7/8/2013
Hagerstown, MD    7/9/2013
York, PA        7/10/2013
Royersford, PA        7/11/2013
Bethlehem, PA        7/12/2013       
River Edge, NJ        7/13/2013
New Haven, CT    7/15/2013
Hartford, CT    7/16/2013
Providence, RI    7/17/2013
Arlington, MA    7/18/2013
Springfield, MA    7/19/2013
Albany, NY    7/20/2013
Cooperstown, NY    7/21/2013
Syracuse, NY    7/22/2013
Rochester, NY    7/23/2013
Freedom, NY    7/24/2013
Jamestown, NY    7/25/2013
Sharon, PA    7/26/2013
Alliance, OH    7/27/2013
Mansfield, OH    7/28/2013
Lima, OH    7/29/2013
Marion, IN    7/30/2013
West Lafayette, IN    7/31/2013

For more information on any of these stops, email me at

God bless you as you start the summer!