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The Third Day

May 23, 2013 Journal
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One does not always get to stick around for the third day.  I started the morning of the third and final day of the European Baptist Federation Anti-trafficking Network Conference in Spain a 45-minute train ride from the conference in downtown Barcelona. 

On Saturday afternoon, a dear friend, whose generous contribution funded many participants' participation in the conference, hurt her knee.  The most important thing on Sunday morning was to be sure she got to the airport OK. 

I arrived back at the conference just in time to see the conferees holding hands in a circle and praying.  That was enough for me!

The third day has a special connotation for us believers.  The third day reminds us that the unexpected is to be expected.  The third day reminds us that what looks like death can be re-born as life.  We know that two days of pain and sorrow (or focused attention on a tough topic) can give birth to unending joy--that willing hearts and giving hands are often filled to overflowing with the blessings of tearful release, boundless fellowship and sweet laughter.  Ministry burdens heavy as lead become feather-weight when shared by many. 

On the third day, conferees looked around the prayer circle and saw sisters and brothers of many colors and shapes and nationalities whose hearts speak many different languages, and they knew that "The Lord is Risen!  The Lord is Risen Indeed!"  We knew his living presence. 

And, so, on the third day, we all went our separate ways...each to her or his own city...each to his or her own place of service.  L went back to knocking on doors and offering medical services to women waiting for clients--reminding the women that they are created in God's image and that God wants a better future for them.  K went back to the group that gives orphans a safe place to live and helps them to be less vulnerable to human trafficking.  P went back to ponder what her church can do.  T went back to visit women in the street to tell them they are not forgotten by God.  C went back to be a voice in her denomination for seeing survivors of human trafficking as people loved by God and with value, despite their past experiences. 

We were blessed to have three days together.  Those hours will strengthen us in the days when we feel alone.  What we learned will help us serve better and will be a blessing to those we serve.  

Thank you for helping us get to the third day through your prayers and the support of the conference and of my mission work! 

For what parts of your life are you hopefully awaiting the third day? 

Below is the schedule of stops for Garrett Zambrows' cross-country bicycle ride, which begins June 3.  For more info, go to

There are a few nights in the Northwest where, due to long distances between churches sponsoring stops, Garrett's choices will be sleeping in a ditch or staying in a hotel.  If you would like to donate a hotel stay, email me at  (Remember that you may be able to use credit card reward points or frequent flier miles...  Hint!  Hint!  I could use help finding hosts in Elwood, KS; York, PA; and Hagerstown, MD, as well.) 

God bless you all!

Debbie Kelsey

Danville, IL 6/3/2013 Monday
Champagne, IL 6/4/2013 Tuesday
Decatur, IL 6/5/2013 Wednesday
Springfield, IL 6/6/2013 Thursday
Jacksonville, IL 6/7/2013 Friday
Quincy, IL 6/8/2013 Saturday
Keokuk, IA 6/9/2013 Sunday
Burlington, IA 6/10/2013 Monday
Mt. Pleasant 6/11/2013 Tuesday
Ottumwa, IA  6/12/2013 Wednesday
Knoxville, IA 6/13/2013 Thursday
West Des Moines, IA 6/14/2013 Friday
Atlantic, IA 6/15/2013 Saturday
Omaha, NE 6/16/2013 Sunday
Hamburg, IA 6/17/2013 Monday
Elwood, KS 6/18/2013 Tuesday
Topeka, KS 6/19/2013 Wednesday
Overland Park, KS 6/20/2013 Thursday
Overland Park, KS  6/21/2013 Friday
Overland Park, KS  6/22/2013 Saturday
Overland Park, KS  6/23/2013 Sunday
La Monte, MO 6/24/2013 Monday
Columbia, MO 6/25/2013 Tuesday
Hermann, MO 6/26/2013 Wednesday
St. Louis, MO 6/27/2013 Thursday
St. Elmo, IL UMC 6/28/2013 Friday
Terre Haute, IN 6/29/2013 Saturday
Columbus, IN 6/30/2013 Sunday
Cincinnati, OH 7/1/2013 Monday
Wilmington, OH 7/2/2013 Tuesday
Columbus, OH 7/3/2013 Wednesday
Coshocton, OH 7/4/2013 Thursday
Bloomingdale, OH 7/5/2013 Friday
Pittsburg, PA 7/6/2013 Saturday
Uniontown, PA 7/7/2013 Sunday
Frostburg, MD 7/8/2013 Monday
Hagerstown, MD 7/9/2013 Tuesday
York, PA  7/10/2013 Wednesday
Royersford, PA  7/11/2013 Thursday
Bethlehem, PA  7/12/2013 Friday
River Edge, NJ  7/13/2013 Saturday
REST DAY  7/14/2013 Sunday
New Haven, CT 7/15/2013 Monday
Hartford, CT 7/16/2013 Tuesday
Providence, RI 7/17/2013 Wednesday
Arlington, MA 7/18/2013 Thursday
Springfield, MA 7/19/2013 Friday
Albany, NY 7/20/2013 Saturday
Cooperstown, NY 7/21/2013 Sunday
Syracuse, NY 7/22/2013 Monday
Rochester, NY 7/23/2013 Tuesday
Freedom, NY 7/24/2013 Wednesday
Jamestown, NY 7/25/2013 Thursday
Sharon, PA 7/26/2013 Friday
Alliance, OH 7/27/2013 Saturday
Mansfield, OH 7/28/2013 Sunday
Lima, OH 7/29/2013 Monday
Marion, IN 7/30/2013 Tuesday
West Lafayette, IN 7/31/2013 Wednesday
REST DAY  8/1/2013 Thursday
REST DAY  8/2/2013 Friday
  8/3/2013 Saturday
  8/4/2013 Sunday
REST DAY  8/5/2013 Monday

Hammond area  8/6/2013 Tuesday
Chicago  8/7/2013 Wednesday
Wisconsin 8/8/2013 Thursday
Madison, WI  8/9/2013 Friday
Sparta, WI  8/10/2013 Saturday
Rochester, MN  8/11/2013 Sunday
Minneapolis, MN  8/12/2013 Monday
Hutchinson, MN  8/13/2013 Tuesday
Marshall, MN  8/14/2013 Wednesday
Sioux Falls, SD 89.7 8/15/2013 Thursday
Huron SD 128 8/16/2013 Friday
Pierre SD 118 8/17/2013 Saturday
Pierre 8/18/2013 Sunday
toward Rapid City 8/19/2013 Monday
Rapid City, SD 170 8/20/2013 Tuesday
Belle Fourche, SD 8/21/2013 Wednesday
8/22/2013 Thursday
8/23/2013 Friday

Hardin, MT 8/24/2013 Saturday
Billings, MT 51.8 8/25/2013 Sunday
Big Timber, MT 8/26/2013 Monday
Bozeman, MT 8/27/2013 Tuesday
Whitehall, MT 8/28/2013 Wednesday
Helena 8/29/2013 Thursday
8/30/2013 Friday
Missoula 8/31/2013 Saturday
9/1/2013 Sunday
Spokane, WA 9/2/2013 Monday
Ritzville WA 9/3/2013 Tuesday
Richland area 9/4/2013 Wednesday
Cle Elum WA 9/5/2013 Thursday
Seattle 9/6-7/2013 Friday-Saturday
Olympia 9/8/2013 Sunday
Portland 9/9-12/2013 Monday-Thursday
Eugene 9/13/2013 Friday
Coos Bay 9/14/2013 Saturday
Bandon, OR 9/15/2013 Sunday
Crescent City 9/16/2013 Monday
Eureka, CA 9/17/2013 Tuesday
On the road  9/18/2013 Wednesday
Fort Bragg/Mendocino 9/19/2013 Thursday
Santa Rosa 9/20/2013 Friday
Bay Area  9/21-23/2013 Saturday-Monday
Santa Cruz 9/24/2013 Tuesday
Big Sur 9/25/2013 Wednesday
Los Osos 9/26/2013 Thursday
Santa Barbara 9/27/2013 Friday
Santa Monica 9/28/2013 Saturday
  9/29/2013 Sunday

God bless you all!

Debbie Kelsey