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June 2, 2013 Journal
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Dear Friends,

Weeks of preparation culminated in the arrival of volunteers from Pomona First Baptist Church yesterday.  These seven people are here with one purpose on their hearts, to serve and to be a learner.  Some plans for this first week in particular are in place, but a large part still needs to be left up to God.  These volunteers are so very friendly and today, their first full day here, they talked to a great number of individuals in a friendly outgoing manner.  They’ve been a blessing to others and a blessing to me already even though they have been here just 24 hours.  Please pray for them and their work at Kanto Gakuin schools and for them next week when they go to NE Japan for some loving-labor, both physical and personal.  They will be a blessing to all they meet.


The DeRolfs came to visit Japan last week.  My missionary colleagues, the Hwangs and I were able to visit for a short time about old times and current challenges of ministry.  I’m so glad they came as I realized the tremendous impact they’ve had on people here.


I am now in the last year of my stay in Japan as a missionary.  I want to make the most of it and pray that you all will feel led to continue to stand with me.  If you feel led and an individual to participate in the matching gift campaign toward my ministry I would greatly appreciate it. I feel grateful but unworthy to be your representative here in Japan.  But it is you and the Lord who will keep me here until my term in Japan ends next May 31st of next year.  WALK WITH ME!

In Christ, Roberta