International Ministries

Serve with Women and Children at Deborah's House in Mexico (Volunteer Opportunity)

June 28, 2017 Opportunity

Deborah's House is a ministry for victims of domestic abuse, housing women and children in northern Baja Mexico.  Short-Term volunteers are needed to serve with the women and children residents.  Volunteers (preferably women)  are requested to come and work with the residents with continuing education, parenting skills, gardening, life skills. Ability to communicate in Spanish important to be most effective. In the mornings you would work with the women and older children and then in afternoons the younger children, tutoring in various subjects and provide help with schoolwork. 

Cost: Volunteers live on site for $200+ per month which includes food, plus additional funds for spending money + cost of air fare to and from San Diego(CA)

Other needs: Personal items plus sheets and towels (Plan to donate them to the Deborah's House when you leave)

Missionary: Deliris Carrion-Joseph to be contacted for more specific information:

Bring a friend!  Two are welcome and a great encouragement for each other, too.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact or 610-768-2245 .