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Children's Ministry, Construction, Community Outreach in Honduras (Volunteer Opportunity)

August 28, 2017 Opportunity

Do you want to be a part of  what God is doing through Delia Zelaya in Honduras?  Consider joining or gathering a team together to serve with the children's ministry and community outreach!

Many Honduran families live in small shacks made of cardboard, plastic, mud, sticks, rubber, adobe, and whatever they can find to build a place where they can survive. Most of the children attending our feeding program come from a poor neighborhood named “Nazareth”. Some of the children live in shacks. Even though their every day surrounding is of extreme poverty, they are happy. They do not worry about what to eat, what to wear, they just go with what that day brings. To some of you this might sound sad and hopeless, but it is not. Most of these children have come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior! Here at Ministries of Faith we understand the importance of providing ways for them to have more options for a better education and a better life. In our feeding program we have served up to 95 children Monday through Friday. The meal provided to them is sometimes the only good meal they get that day.

In 2013, Delia and Dagoberto Zelaya  began a community outreach program called “My House Project”. The idea came from different mission teams that visited Ministries of Faith. The premise is to build a small house for a widow or a poor family at no cost to them. Funds are raised by the teams that want to work on the project. In February 2015, the first house was finished and given to an older lady and her granddaughter. This past July 2017, a house was rehabilitated for a single woman with a significant physical disability. There are three groups involved in this project, a group from Prairie Ridge Church, Ankeny, IA and two groups from First Baptist Church in Marshalltown, IA. Through these actions, we are saying to the community of Azacualpa,” we love you and God loves you too.” The presentation of the Gospel is not just words but actions that show our love, care and respect for others, especially the less fortunate.   

A team of up to 10 people can be accommodated in the housing on site.  Cost estimate is $450 per person for a week, and includes food, board, and transportation in Honduras. 

Watch a great video about Dilia's ministry here

If you are interested in this, or any other opportunity with International Ministries, please call 1-800-222-3872 ext 2245 or email us at