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It Only Takes One Yes

August 14, 2013 Journal
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March 2013: San Carlos Reconaissance Team

A team of 7 people from Crossroads Christian Fellowship drove to a mission church in San Carlos, 2.5 hours north of La Paz.  Their purpose was to encourage Jesús and Arisbeth Hernandez, the leaders of this small mission, as well as to evaluate how Crossroads might become more involved. San Carlos is a fishing village, all dirt roads, and economically struggling.  But the group at the mission were hungry for God’s Word—asking David to keep going after a one hour Bible Study . . . it turned into 2.5 hours!

The weekend following this investigative trip, the team met at our house for lunch to debrief.  They were all excited about what they’d seen, and agreed that they wanted to be further involved.  Micro enterprises, helping to finish their church building, and future trips were all discussed.  Alejandra Rojano agreed to serve as the leader of this emerging mission endeavor.

May 2013: Shaping The Vision

At a Crossroads Church Meeting we agreed to support the San Carlos mission.  However, it was hinging on Jesús and Arisbeth’s decision to return for another year.  They had been commuting from La Paz every weekend, and were seeking avenues to now move to San Carlos.  Their long-term goal is to eventually minister overseas so they weren’t sure how long God wanted them in San Carlos.  We began to pray with them to discern what God wanted to happen next.

July 2013: Youth Called to Missions

In another arena (or so it seemed initially), Alejandra (Ale) began brainstorming with Dan and Shelly Young, a missionary couple serving in La Paz with Latin American Mission.  Dan & Shelly had a desire to host a “Call to Missions” retreat for high school kids.  Statistics prove that most missionaries receive their call as children.  Shelly says, “But how can they, if we don’t create opportunities for them to say yes?”  The 3 of them contacted several camps around La Paz but they were all booked.  Then, Ale said, “Why don’t we go to San Carlos?  We can do something with Jesús and Arisbeth!”  The plan emerged and the 5 adults each took responsibility to lead a session which would be woven around creative introspective activities and evangelistic outreach opportunities.  Fourteen kids signed up and after one weekend, all were on fire for the Lord!

Crossroads voted to add a section about Missions to their by-laws which included appointing a missions chair & missions team.  Wait, this connection will soon become apparent, too.

August 2013: A Mission Leader Emerges

Ale and Shelly began planning monthly gatherings at Crossroads to follow-up with these 14 youth, as well as their friends.  Their first event was last week and was 3 hours of fellowship, an activity, prayer, and discussion.  The room was packed!

Seeing Ale grow in her enthusiasm about missions and her desire to reach kids to serve as missionaries, the Crossroads Leadership Team decided to ask her to serve as the first chair of the Mission Team, and to develop our mission program.  She is praying about it.  Six months ago she had no idea that saying yes to a trip to San Carlos would lead to an opportunity to serve as chair of a missions team in her church. 

We also received the good news that Jesús and Arisbeth are going to move to San Carlos for one year.  They have one daughter and are expecting their second child.  In addition to being supported by the First Baptist Church of La Paz, their home church, Crossroads is also going to consider how to be part of their support team.

So watch out.  It’s a fact. 

One yes can radically change your life!