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The Kingdom of God Is Like

September 17, 2013 Journal
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The Kingdom of God is like a Mexican woman who rises early in the morning to sweep not only her portion of the sidewalk, but also the street in front of her house.  It is an endless job.  The dirt, leaves, and trash reappear every day.  But she knows that taking responsibility for her corner of the neighborhood can ultimately impact the entire world.

The Kingdom of God is like a Women’s Bible Study that holds a surprise birthday breakfast for their youngest member: a 17-year-old who is the only Christian in her immediate family.  Instead of giving her treasures of this world that will fade with time, they gift her with Scripture verses and life wisdom stories that will guide her heart on her journey with Jesus.

The Kingdom of God is like a missionary that mentors a young man who receives a call to youth ministry.  The missionary knows that investing in one life is worthwhile endeavor.  God can use one life to impact an entire generation for Jesus.

The Kingdom of God is like a congregation that not only lays hands on a sick person to pray for healing, but also receives a love offering to help him pay for the medical expenses he has already incurred.

The Kingdom of God is like an English-speaking congregation and a Mexican congregation coming together to celebrate the Mexican Independence Day.  As they praise God together, there is no American, no Canadian, nor Mexican for they are all one in Jesus Christ.

The Kingdom of God is like a woman who can spend two hours talking on the phone to a woman twice her age because friendships woven together by God know no age barrier.

The Kingdom of God is like a torrential rain storm that runs like a river through the streets, and floods the arroyos to overflowing.  A parched life sometimes needs lots of water to quench its thirst.

The Kingdom of God is like a Mexican couple who after ten years are miraculously pregnant!  God brings life where before there was no hope.

The Kingdom of God is like a person who faithfully prays for people in another country, realizing that prayer is not confined by governments, borders, or language barriers.  Prayer weaves our souls together in a sparkling tile mosaic.

The Kingdom of God is you and me listening to each other, learning from each other, and loving on each other in Jesus’ name.