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Celebrating Endings and Beginnings in Costa Rica

November 14, 2013 Journal
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Saturday, November 2, the Pastoral Care for Women program held a graduation ceremony for the second semester courses, as well as for six women who had completed three years of study for a Diploma in Theology.  What a joyous event!

Cecilia, featured in one of this year´s World Mission Offering bulletin inserts, was one of those six graduates.  She cried tears of joy all the way down the aisle to receive her diploma as did those of us who watched.  Since that insert was written, she has also finished her high school diploma and rebuilt her marriage into a relationship based on respect, with zero tolerance for violence.  In a sense, she was celebrating the ending of her studies, but also the beginning of new opportunities for her life.  Her husband and sons were there to celebrate with her.   

The class from the León XIII Baptist church was there -- along with seven other groups -- to receive their certificates, celebrating the completion of their coursework.  Pastor Sonia (who has a sixth grade education) is now feeling very inspired to seek new beginnings, perhaps entering the diploma program.  However, she is also looking to the future for the church, pushing for Pastoral Care for Women to give the “Healthy Relationships” course as well, perhaps to both men and women in separate classes.   

Celebrate these endings and beginnings with us!  Because of your prayers and financial partnership, you have participated in God´s work in Costa Rica, stimulating these women to grow personally and spiritually.  Thank you for your partnership!