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December 6, 2013 Journal
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Dear Partners in Ministry,

 Children’s Spiritual Awakenings

 On Thanksgiving Day, Isaku (Isaac), a tenth grader from a class of three in the small Christian school where David teaches, became the special speaker for the daily chapel service.  Before 31 fellow students and the school staff, Isaku explained how, for several years he has believed in Jesus as his personal savior, but couldn’t feel the Holy Spirit’s working in his heart. However, through events such as the Baptist World Youth Conference in Singapore last summer, and later hearing a Nepali mission Director’s testimony about his ministry in a resistant Hindu culture, Isaac told how he felt the Holy Spirit stirring his heart.  He began to feel passionate about serving the Lord actively.

Among the students and staff, there was hardly a dry eye, because of the joy in hearing words that verified the changes that had already been seen in Isaku’s life.   

On Saturday, November 30th, during the school’s mid-term presentations three other students joined Isaku in reporting on their experiences at the Singapore conference.  All of them said that they yearned for more English conversation skills, but that the thrilling music and what they understood of the messages in English had moved their hearts.

 A Biblical Christmas (in English)

 Nine primary students (1st -3rd grade) performed a play in English that focuses on the nativity account, adapted from a children’s “Rhyme Bible”. The students enthusiastically acted out their parts in English, interspersed with songs.  Many parents expressed their gratitude to David for providing a “spiritual,” language experience for their children. 

Empathy through Drama  (based on real life)

Later, other classes presented a drama (in Japanese) about a little boy born to an Okinawan mother and American father.  When the father abandons his responsibilities for the baby, loving Christian Okinawan grandparents basically adopt him.  The seriousness of the drama and the superb acting reflected the students’ understanding and compassion for one born into such circumstances.   It was especially “real” to the students, because the play was based on the life of the Pastor of the church, who is also the Principal of the Christian School.

 Toward a Christian World-View

Helping students develop a Christian world-view is at the very core of Christian education. David is so pleased that God called him to a school where students are exposed to experiences that help them to understand how the Living Christ gives people from different and mixed cultures the strength to live a vibrant life in Him, despite seemingly overwhelming circumstances that tug in the opposite direction.


Because of your consistent giving, David has, thankfully witnessed five years of growth in the older students, and has seen the school’s enrollment grow from nine to 32. The church’s fellowship hall (main classroom) is bursting at the seams!  David has often questioned, “Will the students use the English they are learning?  Will their cross-cultural experiences help them in future international situations?  He heard the answers in the student’s testimonies.  They are already applying what they have learned and are motivated to learn more.  Next year, most of the student body will travel to Taiwan to work in a sister church.  Thank you so much for being a part of this ministry.

 Prayer Requests

-Students’ continuing spiritual growth

-Land, for a new (or used, renewable) school building to accommodate the growth of  Awase Baptist Church’s, Noah’s Ark Church School.

-The church and school’s planning for next year’s mission trip to Taiwan

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Thank you for your partnership in sharing the Gospel around the world!