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February 17, 2014 Journal
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This young lady, Mina, is presently studying at the South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies to obtain her certificate in the Theological Librarianship Course.

I have known Mina since May of 2007. She was the only female student when I taught at the 10-week pastors and lay leaders training program at the Nepal Baptist Bible Institute (NBBI).  After her completion of that 10-week training program, she went on to study at the Nepal Baptist Bible College (NBBC) to receive her Bachelors Degree in Theology. 

Upon graduation, she was hired at NBBC to work in its library and to be a counselor for the students.  NBBC is striving to work toward meeting certain standards to move towards a higher level of accreditation. Mina’s taking this librarian course and subsequently receiving this certificate is another step forward for NBBC in that process.

How did she get there, you may be wondering?

It started with an email from the principal of NBBC. He stated that Mina had an opportunity to attend this training program starting on January 6, in Bangalore, India. But, funding would need to be found for her.

The email arrived on December 19, 24 hours before the ABC Mission Center would be closed until January 2. I had to hurry if I wanted to help Mina and NBBC.

After discussing this opportunity with the Area Director for Nepal, I sent off an email to Nepal and India: requesting the budget needed for the ticket cost to Bangalore; and if funding was available for her registration, would Mina be accepted into the training.

How I prayed that night that I would receive email answers from both the principal of NBBC and the person in charge of the Librarian training in Bangalore, India.

And… God answered!

When I arrived at work on Friday, December 20, those two email answers were awaiting me! I had to work quickly, as for my other job, as assistant to the Special Events Director, I needed me to leave the office early to help prepare for IM’s Christmas party!

I only had about a half an hour to complete this project.

Yes, there would be a space for Mina at the training. And, the cost of the plane ticket was provided so it could be added to the budget for Mina’s expenses. The Area Director was encouraged for the opportunity to provide training for this young Nepali leader. He was able to access a source of funding, told me from whom to get the application that Mina and NBBC needed to complete, and so 10 minutes before I needed to leave the office, all the pieces were in place.

The application was sent off to NBBC in an email to the principal stating that IM would be able to fund Mina’s participation in the Librarian Training Program. An email was sent off to the person in charge of the training program stating that IM accepted the request for Mina to participate and would provide the money to NBBC for her participation. And so, although the cut off date for late registration had been November 30, during IM’s holiday break, Mina would be on her way to take this training that will help NBBC with its accreditation.

By your continued support of my ministry, I can continue to relate to IM’s Nepali partners – by email.

Thank you for helping to make a difference in this young Nepali woman’s life and to further NBBC and its training of young Christian leaders.

Thank you for your continued support of me and my ministry to Nepali partners,