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February 19, 2014 Journal
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For the past two years I (David) have been making hotcakes once a week for all the students and faculty at the Theological School.  Generally there have been about 13 people and everyone eats about 4 hotcakes.  Excluding holidays, I am guessing I've made about 5000 hotcakes on an electric skillet in one of the class rooms. Feeding students takes a lot of batter.  They are always hungry.  Ever wonder what God's missionaries are doing?  Feeding people, and in lots of ways.  For instance, during that same time I have spent about 400 hours teaching and that means about 2000 hours preparing.  Feeding minds takes a lot of time.  I am constantly surprised at how hungry they are.

Whipping up something new

During the first week of February a group from Parkesburg Baptist Church (Parkesburg, PA) were in La Paz on a mission trip.  We spent the week at the Theological School digging footings for a new kitchen for the hungry students.  Several in the group learned how to tie re-bar with annealed wire.  They got pretty good after some interesting attempts.  The re-bar is in the ground.  I'd say they did a great a great job!  Getting ready to feed people is a lot of work!

Feeding Sheep

One of the members of the group is head chef and kitchen manager at a center for the elderly. I wonder if he ever thought he would be mixing cement instead of hotcake batter!  Jesus said feed my sheep.  Sometimes it takes a lot of work to get that done.  We are thankful God stirs up hearts that come to La Paz to get in on what’s cookin’ down here.  We are still feeding students so they will have happy tummies and strong minds.  Pretty soon we will have a kitchen and eating area to feed His sheep much better.  It will also to provide meals for all church gatherings and celebrations.

You’re Invited to Eat with Us

The students want to invite you to join What’s Cookin’ at the Theological School.  They want you to know that there are several ways you can support this new kitchen/dining area.  A specific gift for this project will help:
?    Finish construction
?    Provide a Refrigerator
?    A Stove
?    Tables
?    Basic cookware

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Your Missionaries Serving in La Paz, Mexico,
David and Joyce Reed