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Serving the People Road Trip (Part 1 - An Oasis)

March 25, 2014 Journal
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Dear Loved Ones,

Greetings. Friday March 21, I left with a team of well diggers to go to Fierville close to Gros Morne, the city where we have shared clean water, goats and pigs. Dr. James Steve accepted to accompany me.

 On our way, our first rest stop was at Enery about one hour and half from our home. Enery is small city where we have our Baptist church. On the main road, we have a gas station belonging to a parliamentary man. The gas station and its surrounding are clean and well kept. Bathrooms, restaurant and a store are kept clean all the time. The blower to dry hands in the rest room works just the way it is supposed to.

Alongside the road, the vendors have been given nice sort of cabins where to sell whatever they have to sell.

By looking at this kind of change, we are encouraged to say that Haiti will change because some of its people are trying hard in spite of everything else. 

Thank you for praying for our Haiti, cheri.

In Haiti,

 Nzunga & Kihomi 



Dear Friends,

I doubt if you thought you would see such excitement and wonder in these journals about a clean gas station with a clean modern restroom.  This is very different from the norm in Haiti.  I often feel bad, especially for the women, if we have to use a facility away from the great place we stay.  Modern roads, fixed bridges, more reliable electricity are all things that we see happening in Haiti from the current government.  Here is an example of private citizen trying to make Haiti a better place.  They have a long way to go as you will see in the following journal but it is great to see the effort.  Pray that it continues. 


Dennis Shewell

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