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Serving the People Road Trip - (Part 3 - Goat Ministry)

March 25, 2014 Journal
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Dear Loved Ones,

Peace of our Lord on each one of you. Saturday March 22 we left for Fierville about one hour and some minutes from Gros Morne. The scenic view is gorgeous. The road is close to impossible. Once you see the road, you regret taking your vehicle on such a road. The people of Fierville are nice-let us say that they are extremely nice people. They are country people. 

The place is surrounded by huge mountains. There is no phone signal there. To call one has to climb up the mountain, make a call and go back down. The place is quiet and peaceful.

When we got there, people were waiting for us to share the goats. As it is the custom, an event like this is for the whole community. People were present to witness the sharing of the goats. We did not share the pigs since many pigs are suffering from pig epidemic.  I promised to go back for pigs when the disease is over.  

Thank you for praying for us and especially for our people in Fierville.

Yours in Haiti, 

Nzunga & Kihomi


Dear Supporters,

Haiti has the highest mountain density in the world.  That explains washed out roads and the high cost of putting in good roads.  Vehicles don’t last long from the constant beating even at slow speeds.  We used to plan on 10 miles per hour in a trip although some of the main roads have been greatly improved. 

 The goat ministry has long been a stalwart of Nzunga’s and Kihomi’s ministry.  These goats can make a tremendous difference in a family’s life.  There are even stories of girls making in thru college because of a gift goat. I had to smile when I saw the picture of the children getting their goats.  The last time I was with Nzunga doing this he had 10 boys and 2 girls.  This is a good way to get in trouble with Kihomi!  The village leaders pick the recipients with the instruction to pick the poorest ones in the community.  They improve their diet, learn responsibility, can earn hard cash, and can keep on getting new babies each year from these female goats.  It is a big deal to them and the whole community comes out at these gift giving events.  It is also a wonderful way to show God’s love.

Pray that all of these poor families see improvement in their lives due to this ministry and they can also see God’s love for them thru His servants, Nzunga and Kihomi. 


Dennis Shewell

Mission Partnership Team Communications Advocate and Convener

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