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Serving the People Road Trip (Part 5 - The Rescue)

March 28, 2014 Journal
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Dear Loved Ones,

Greetings. In our poor countries it is hard and sometime difficult to predict what is going to happen. A bike, a motorcycle or a pick up can all the sudden become a medical ambulance. Here is the case. After our Sunday church service and a nice lunch we were ready, all loaded to head back home.

As we stopped to say good bye to those who are digging wells, a stressed lady approached us wanting a ride for her young sister who was very sick. The 29 years old girl is three months pregnant and about to abort. The hospital in Gros Morne could not help her and she needed to be transferred to the city Gonaives about one or so hour drive. It was impossible for the girl to take the common motorcycles everybody uses. Everybody was looking at me for the final decision.

I said to myself that we have just heard the nice preaching from the pastor who said that Loving God meant loving and taking care of our brothers and our sisters. Now this is a living example of that love. Dr. James Steve had to hold the serum all the way to Gonaives. Having a medical doctor on board quieted us all as Jesus quieted the fear of His disciples in the boat.

Thank you for helping us with the dependable mean of transport.

With our Haitian brothers and sisters in Haiti,

Nzunga & Kihomi


Dear friends,

Another case of god putting His people in the right place at the right time.  You can’t call 911 in Haiti and expect any help.  It is up to family and friends to find a way if you are in trouble.  To my knowledge, it is rare for Dr. James to travel with Nzunga.  However on this trip it was a life saver.  I have no idea how many Haitians find themselves in this situation everyday but I know it is many.  Thank God that this young lady has a chance because Nzunga and Dr. James were there and had a vehicle.  This is all because you gave.  Thank You. 

In His Name,

Dennis Shewell

Mission Partnership Team Communications Advocate and Convener

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