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Passion and Prayer

May 1, 2014 Journal
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“Soon a large crowd of people had gathered to listen and be healed of their ailments. As often as possible Jesus withdrew to out-of-the-way places for prayer.” Luke 5:16

 Those of you who have known me over the years know that a passion of mine is gathering people together—for lots of different reasons!  For birthday parties, book groups, knitting,  “prayer-walking” the streets…  And for meals—often of the taco variety!--to discuss topics ranging from prostitution to church planting.  Prayer is most often in the middle of the moment, thanking God for the Holy Spirit’s Presence in the midst of our fun, food and fellowship, asking for guidance and wisdom for the journey ahead. 

 Much of my energy in the last several months has been directed towards a major gathering—not in my home—but at the Green Lake Conference Center (GLCC), Wisconsin—gathering together people from all over this earth, who are walking the streets, meeting victims of human trafficking and prostitution and offering Hope and Help and Healing in Jesus Name.  May 18th, the 5th “International Christian Alliance on Prostitution” (ICAP) Global Conference will begin!  Those who show up at the conference will be from more than 40 countries in the world!  They will be able to participate in 50+ workshops—offered by those who are actually Doing creative ministries—not just talking about theory or statistics.  They will be able to learn from each other—in presentations, and informally, around the tables, over delicious food.  They will worship and praise God—central to all we do.  They will pray—in our beautiful and thoughtfully prepared prayer room, or through the labyrinth, or at the lakeside, or in the peaceful meadows.  They will breathe fresh air.  They will experience healing—physically, emotionally and spiritually.

It’s a tough life, living and working in places of such spiritual darkness—where people buy and sell each other.  Those who are so profoundly Called to these ministries have a great need to withdraw to an out-of-the-way place to gather perspective and realize that they are supported, cared for and understood.   Ten years ago, the staff and Board of the Green Lake Conference Center invited a group of these ministries to meet on their premises—and from that first gathering, ICAP was born.  In recent years, I’ve been serving as its Coordinator.  Our Leadership Team is from 7 regions of the world, and together, we plan the conference.  Marion Kobow, Assistant to the President of the GLCC is “loaned” to us as our Administrator for the conference, and Marion and I work closely together—by e-mail and skype—to do the detail work.  Already, I have handled more than 1000 e-mails regarding the conference—and Marion many times more than that! 

 Why am I so passionate about this gathering?  I’ve seen lives and ministries revitalized by this “coming away”.  We’ve seen new projects inspired into existence after the conference.  Lives are changed.  Ministries enhanced…

 At this point in the process, though, I’m tired.  I know it’s going to be an amazing event with fabulous speakers and gifted participants.  But I’m tired.   I’d appreciate your prayers:

1)    **For continued health and energy for me during these last moments before the conference

2)    **For the last minute visas to be granted, the best plane tickets to be purchased

3)    **For safe travel for the participants

4)    **For the speakers and workshop leaders to be inspired by the Holy Spirit as they prepare messages with great purpose and vision

5)    **For necessary funding for all those still in need.

6)    **For your IM missionaries who will also attend—their smooth preparations and safe travels:  Annie Dieselberg, Kit Ripley, Rhonda Reed, Mylinda Baits, Jonathan and Thelma Nambu.

      There’s still time for you to attend if you feel so led!  Check out the web-site:  Click on events for the brochure, and then call or e-mail Marion Kobow.

 If you can assist with funding for a participant, please be in touch with me from this web-site. 

 And finally:  thank you, thank you, for your support for me personally, your prayers, your caring!  I am not yet at 100% funding, and if you feel led to assist with any amount towards my support, I would be deeply appreciative.

May you all know God’s Blessings!