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Benji's Question - May/June 2014

June 14, 2014 Journal
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News from Ruth Mooney 

May - June 2014 

Dear Friends,

"Mommy, how big is God? Is He bigger than Daddy? Is He bigger than an airplane?"

"How strong is God, Mommy? Is He stronger than even the strongest person?"


"Yes, Benji, he's bigger and stronger than anyone in the world."


"Then, Mommy, why does he let a bad person hurt a good person?"


Wow! Heavy theology for a 5 year old. This was a conversation between my "nephew" and his mother, Christy, my prayer partner.

As his mother reeled from the question, she responded, "That's a very difficult question, Benji. People have asked it for a long time. God is powerful to help people, but mostly He helps people by changing their hearts so that they won't hurt people any more."

Benji considered this for a moment and then replied, "You mean like the Grinch?"

Christy, in astonishment at his quick understanding, affirmed, "Yes, like the Grinch." Later that evening she had to explain to Benji's father why he was asked to read the story of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas in mid-May.

  Ruth and Benjy


Some of my students are former Grinches who have been transformed by God.


Herold, whom I introduced to you a few months ago, just began his TCU (University Community Work: 150 hours of volunteer work required by all university students in Costa Rica) at a drug rehabilitation center. At first the guys assumed he was a new resident, and asked him which drugs he was coming in for. When Herold, in his quiet winning way, explained that, indeed, he had been close to becoming an alcoholic, but God had saved him and made him a pastor, the guys swarmed around him to hear more.


"This isn't a trick or a myth, what you're learning here," he assured them. "God's power is real and I am evidence of it. God really can save you from drugs and give you a new life." He told them how he had been violent and abusive to his family, but that when he changed, he earned their love, trust and respect with his new way of relating to them. Now, the residents at the center eagerly wait for his arrival every week, and rush for a chance to talk with him.  


Nothing is more convincing of the love and power of God than a transformed life.



Thank you for your support of my ministry with these ex-Grinches, wonderful servants of God, transformed and transforming lives wherever they go.

Together with you in ministry,

Ruth Mooney

P.S. Ruth will be traveling in the U.S. beginning in July. Watch for a calendar of her plans shortly.