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This Side of Heaven

June 18, 2014 Journal
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Mountview Christian Church in Columbus, OH sent a mission team of 45 people to partner with us the first week of June.  Never having hosted a group of this size, we were a bit daunted.  Two months before they came, David began to sit down with Baptist leaders in La Paz to strategize how to receive this group.  There was no one project that all 45 people could work on simultaneously.  Therefore, we subdivided them into smaller teams and assigned them to various projects.  A Mexican coordinator was assigned to each project, and given some funds to gather the resources needed at each site.  Then, the fun began!

Six Ministry Sites

Over the course of a week, these 45 people accomplished the following: prepared and poured a cement floor at the Theological School, prepared and poured ½ a cement floor for a new sanctuary at Casa de Oracion , painted an entire sanctuary and did cement work at Cristo Viene, cleaned up garbage and dug a ditch for a water system at Mision La Fuente, painted/cleaned/designed & welded roofing for an enclosed area at Crossroads Christian Fellowship, and poured a section of roof for staff housing at Rancho El Camino.

Worship Binds Us Together

In addition to their work projects, the teenagers (which comprised half the group) had a worship celebration & fellowship time with the Baptist youth on Wednesday evening and Friday evening.  Hilarious games were played, new friends made, and Christ glorified through bi-lingual worship.

Proud of Our Partners

By the end of the week, not only were we overwhelmingly blessed by the efforts and love of these 45 new brothers & sisters in Christ, but we were also extremely proud of the Mexican churches we partner with! They rose to the occasion and hosted this group of Americans with grace, joy, and un-ending hospitality.  We are in awe of our God who binds us all together in the name of Jesus!

This Side of Heaven

Sometimes, as Christians, we dream and wonder what heaven will be like.  This past week was a glimpse of heaven on earth—people of different nationalities and different languages coming together to further the Kingdom of God.  It’s moments like these that make serving as your missionaries an honor and a privilege.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve and partner with you in Mexico!