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Carrying anothers burden

June 24, 2014 Journal
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Dear Loved Ones,


Greeting. In our third world countries, life in itself is a huge challenge. Some people have it easy while others struggle to see another day.

 Take the case of this brother and sister we met in our morning walk one day. They have been walking from two hours with bags of charcoal on their heads to sell on the Limbe market.

When they got close, almost 30 minutes to go, the boy could no longer take the heavy load for his age. They both put their bags down. The boy broke crying. One can easily see the suffering, the tiredness and the despair of his face.


Moved by her motherly and grandmotherly heart, Kihomi volunteered to put the bag of charcoal on her head to help the boy reach his destination. Instead of letting them go to the market, she took them to our home. She bought the two bags of charcoal for the nursing students she mentors. She spent time talking to them and discovered that they were selling this charcoal to pay their schooling. She gave them nice clothes and school supplies.


Cases like this one are not only Haitian cases. They are all over the poor nations. Please keep thinking of those less fortunate. 




Nzunga & Kihomi 


Dear Supporters,


I have written before about how Kihomi sees with the eyes of God.  The bible is full of instructions for us when we see hurting people.  The Good Samaritan story, carrying a burden two miles when asked to carry it one, etc.  Kihomi does not do this because it is her job but because it is who she is.  A life totally surrendered to God.  I read recently that Jesus does not want to be number one in our lives; He wants to be our lives.    This journal sort of goes along with the one I just sent where Nzunga was honored by his students.  They both demonstrate who you are supporting doing God’s work in Haiti, one of the toughest mission fields in the world. 


Continue to pray for them and Haiti. 


Thank you.


Dennis Shewell

Mission Partnership Team Communications Advocate and Convener

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