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Volunteer Week is April 19 - 25, 2009!

March 14, 2009 Article


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To celebrate the gifts of thousands of American Baptist volunteers, American Baptist congregations throughout the United States and Puerto Rico will recognize the faithful service of their members the week of April 19th. 

Volunteerism begins in congregations with Sunday School teachers, choir members, youth leaders, and Bible school helpers who give life to a church.  Volunteers also bring life and hope - along with God's love - into our neighborhoods, communities, and around the world.

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Celebrate your volunteers this year with certificates, parties, gifts, and more!  Need ideas?

Available Downloads Listed Here!

Volunteers in Mission Brochure

Volunteerism - What is it All About?

Ten R's of Volunteering

Creative Ways to Recognize Volunteers

Special Thanks - A Volunteer Goodie Bag

Ways to Support and Recognize Volunteers

Scripture Related to Volunteerism

Recognition Certificate

Simple Thank you Letter

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