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Pacata VBS

July 10, 2014 Journal
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This post is few days short in coming, as our days have been a little unsettled. But now we are back, and I am ready to post for Tuesday-Wednesday. Both of those afternoons were spent with a Vacation Bible School in Pacata, which is about 10 minutes from House of Hope. The particular mission that was putting on this VBS was a mission for children who are often in abusive or alcoholic homes, or living with their grandparents, as their parents have left for other countries. It was held in a school there, and we all got to help in really interesting ways. Both days they divided all of us up into different class ages, so that we were all with two leaders for each age group. My group was particularly interesting, as my leader put a lot of weight on, ´´integrated experience.´´ After being in the class for about 2 minutes, the main leader asked me if I had a ´barra´ for the children (ages 8-10). I had no idea what a barra was, so of course at first I said, ´´sure!´´ After finding out that a barra was a cheer, I wasn´t so sure, but quickly managed to scrap something together reminiscent of an Ultimate Frisbee cheer. Both days we led the children in songs, and also put on two different puppet shows to illustrate the lessons for the day. We had a blast putting them on and preparing them. Another highlight was when they had Justin and I dress up as Joseph (the theme of the VBS) from his time as a Hebrew and his time as Pharoah´s right hand man. Very fun. But the most amazing part was seeing all of these children together learning about the lessons the bible has to offer, and praying and singing and playing together. We were all incredibly touched to see such joy and love from children who don´t often experience these things at home.