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Flint is fine after a fall, please keep us in your prayers

April 17, 2008 Journal

Hi everyone -

Sunday, March 30 at 10 p.m. Flint was going down the hill to his seminary office. There are some irregular spaced steep steps on the way and it was unusually dark. He took a step thinking he was at the bottom but actually had a couple of more steep steps to go. Instinctively, he further extended his right leg stepping off into space. When his foot hit the bottom all the weight came down on the right leg and snapped the Achilles Tendon above the heel. At first, Flint was in denial and hoped it was only a pulled muscle, but a visit to the doctor last Wednesday confirmed that it was completely ruptured. Since time is of the essence in reattaching a severed tendon, he was admitted to the hospital last Thursday for pre-op tests and clearance. An abnormal ECG caused surgery to be delayed a day for further testing which came back normal. ("Yeah! - I have a strong heart!") Surgery proceeded on Saturday afternoon with anesthesia from the waist down being used. Surgery and recovery went well, and Flint was discharged today, Monday, April 7.

Of course, through all this Deb has had to work double-time and she has done a fantastic job! It feels weird to Flint not being active. He's very used to doing any activity he wants, exercising, etc. He's also used to working (and most of the time really enjoys it!) So it's strange to be confined to crutches and staying at home. Baguio is in the mountains so almost everything is up or down - lots of steps. This of course is not crutches-friendly.

Please pray with us and for us as we adjust our schedule for home assignment. We had planned to return to the States on June 8, but now will likely be delayed until mid- to late June because of the need for rehab. Also, it's kinda hard to move boxes on crutches! We're still figuring this out, so please pray for wisdom. Also, please pray for Flint's quick and complete healing. Also, pray for Deb, Ben and Chris, as they take up the slack on the things that Flint normally does. We believe that prayer is the most powerful human activity. Thanks for your friendship and partnership with us. We love you and appreciate you!

Flint, Deb, Ben and Chris