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A Busy but Blessed Summer 2014

September 12, 2014 Journal
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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

International Ministries World Mission Conference

It was a privilege to us to be able to witness this very important event in the life of International Ministries. In August over 1200 participants and over 150 international partners joined us to celebrate the 200th anniversary of IM.  It was a celebration of what God has done through IM in over 70 countries. It was a family atmosphere, where we could hear clearly from the Spirit of God the importance of working together to make Jesus known amongst the nations.

It was also wonderful and inspiring to meet many of our missionary colleagues and catch up with what God is doing thought their ministries.

Back in the UK…

We had a wonderful summer time in the UK. During the summer we were engaged in a one question survey across Norfolk, called Who Cares? In this initiative we asked people one single question: What hurts the most? The result of the survey has just come in and the top issues identified are:

In light of the results, we as church are in the process of preparing ways to respond to these issues in our area. We are going to let you know in due time what we are up to as we discern which are the godly ways of helping people to go through difficulties and trials in their lives.


We are all doing well. Both of our children, Vinicius and Isabelle, are facing a turning point in their education. Vinicus got the grades he needed to make into his first choice University. He is going to Aston University to study International Business Management. The sad thing is he is leaving by the end of September, so we are going to be half empty nesters and our hearts are melting. We are going to miss him a lot.Isabelle is in her final two years of education before going to university, at the moment she quite firm in her decision to go to medical school. 

Please uphold both of our children before the Lord as they go through this crucial moment in their lives.


Jorge & Hermelinda Damasceno

International Ministries/ABC Missionaries in the UK