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A Time to Rebuild

October 3, 2014 Journal
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Rebuild Ten Churches!

“$40,000 U.S. dollars? That’s all they need? That’s not a lot of money!”

“I know,” I replied. “It’s a very obtainable goal. All we need is 400 individuals and/or churches donating a gift of $100 each and we can rebuild ten churches!”

This was a conversation I had last week while visiting American Baptist Churches in Colorado. David and I were sharing about our ministry in Southern Baja, Mexico which included a report of the recent devastation left by Hurricane Odile two weeks ago.

Visiting the Churches; Hearing the Needs

Two weeks after the hurricane, the President of the Mexican Baptist Churches of Southern Baja, Aaron Ramirez, was able to meet with the pastors of six churches in the cities of Los Cabos and San Jose at the very tip of the peninsula, and then with the pastors of seven churches located in La Paz, 2.5 hours further north.

He shared that one church and two missions are a total loss. Five other churches and two missions will need major repairs. A total of 50 families connected with the San Jose/Los Cabos churches lost everything--their homes & all their possessions.

Rising to the Challenge

Baptist churches in other parts of Mexico have already sent $3,600 USD to assist their brothers and sisters in Southern Baja. The body of Christ is rising to the challenge everywhere!

We hope you will consider donating too. As mentioned earlier, all we need are 400 people to give $100 and we’ll reach the $40,000 USD goal. Is one hundred dollars too much? Then perhaps you would consider inviting 3 friends or 3 family members to join you to reach that goal—each of you could give $25.

Be a World Changer!

Have you ever invited someone to participate in missions? Now’s your chance! People are looking for opportunities to change the world. Here’s one way you can be a part of the Kingdom of God in Southern Mexico.

Click here to give electronically. (You may also look for "Hurricane Relief" on the International Ministries homepage.)

Checks can be written to International Ministries with "OGHS/Mexico Relief" written on the memo line. Send them to: International Ministries, P.O. Box 851, Valley Forge, PA 19482-0851.

American Baptist Churches can send donations through the One Great Hour of Sharing.

David and Joyce