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The Girl and the Glass of Water

October 7, 2014 Journal
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“ Do you recall what you had for breakfast this morning?
What about yesterday? And tomorrow, what will you have? ”

It was a weekday around 9 in the morning that she was returning from school with a little friend.  There had been no class.  They stopped at my front gate and she called for me to ask me for a glass of water.  I went to get her a glass and filled it with water up to the brim.

She took it into both hands and drank every drop.  So I commented to her that whatever she had eaten for breakfast had made her thirsty.  She answered me, “This glass of water was my breakfast.”

It hurt me because a large number of the students arrive at school not having eaten breakfast.  They arrive every school day with the hopes that they will receive their daily small glass of milk.

Since the the girl’s class had been canceled they dismissed her and her classmates without receiving her small glass of milk.  

These kid’s lives are not easy.  I don’t have the resources or the possibility to transform the tutoring program into a meal program.  

- Ingrid Roldan-Roman

The tutoring program that Ingrid runs out of the front rooms and front yard of her home welcomes approximately 80 children.  Ingrid’s team is made up of 8 women that help cook and tutor the kids.  The children range from the ages of 7-12.  Ingrid and her team tutor in social studies, english, math and reading, although it’s not limited to just those subjects.

Depending on whether it’s the morning session or the afternoon session, the children arrive and sit at their assigned tables.  Once the group is seated Ingrid begins a short devotion or bible story which then leads to short worship songs and a prayer to bless the food.  After lunch, the children settle down and begin their homework.