International Ministries

2014 All Staff Gathering & World Mission Conference

October 20, 2014 Journal
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For two weeks in July 2014 I was at Green Lake, WI for the All Staff Gathering (ASG) and the World Mission Conference.  Many months of coordination to have us all missionaries together. It was a great experience to be together with all our missionary collegues and get to know them a little more. Some of them I have never met them before, just by pictures! This time was a wonderful moment of friendship, fellowship, prayers, etc.

The second week was very powerful starting with the Call Retreat. I was expecting two friends from Puerto Rico (my home country) that were coming to the Retreat and the Conference. I needed to speak some Spanish...Finally at midnight Myrna and Brunny arrived and I was so happy! Seeing good friends and people that you know is always good and refreshing. My mom had sent me some goodies with them and that completed my happiness! When the World Mission Conference started on Monday many familiar faces started to come face to face with me. I was very pleased to see many people that had been to the Dominican Republic in mission trips with their churches. Seeing them there was great and gave me a lot of support in the work I do. These people, these faces are the ones that encourages us to continues in the call that God has given us. Thank you for being there this past July.

 My gratitude to Karen Mason and her excellent coordination and work. To Jose Norat-Rodriguez thank you for the excellent work you have done in the past 22 years at IM. You have been a great pastor, counselor, friend and boss. May God continue blessing you.