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God has been good!

October 26, 2014 Journal
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2014 has been a year of many challenges. Many teams have come to do missions to the Dominican Republic, God has given me many opportunities of service through different projects like: SOS Educational Program, Water Filters, Aprendamos, Food for the Poor, Baby Layettes, College Students Scholarships, etc. All this has been possible to thanks to the support of many churches, families, organizations, individuals, friends, etc. Many thanks for all of your support to my ministry here in the Dominican Republic and the different projects that you have supported and worked at.

This year the Chinkunguya mosquito hit us hard and many families struggled with this situation of health, joints pain, fever, etc. I want to say thank you to FBC of St. Albans, WV and their generosity in sending us mosquito nets, repellent, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, B-Complex, vitamin C. What a blessing this was for many people that needed this and were relieved by this. Many thanks for this and the many other ways that you as a church and with Pastor Jeremy Myers and the youth group have done a great difference in missions here in the DR.

Two churches from Puerto Rico visited us for the first time on a mission trip: IB Hato Nuevo and their pastor Rev. Luis Alicea and IB Quebrada and their Pastor Felipe Candelaria. These churches did an excellent job on evangelism, VBS and community work. This visit made them change the way the used to see missions, it gave them another perspective of reality and needs. A great playground at a school was build and the children love it, an excellent VBS with real History Heroes like: Superman, Batman and Robin, Wonder Woman, Cat woman, Hulk, Chapulin Colorado, etc. was made and it really gave the children a new view of who the real Hero is: Jesus. Many thanks for this.

FBC of Reading, PA and their Pastor Rev. Mike Hall visited us again. They worked on a project of construction at IB Riviera del Caribe. Also, they did VBS with more than 150 children for a week and the results were a blessing. Thank you Pastor Mike for your support to Missions and Missionaries. I visited them after the World Mission Conference and this church is of great support to us missionaries. I am very grateful for this church and the many years of support they have been giving to missions.

Manchester Community Church from CT came during Holy Week and worked with Iglesia Bautista El Buen Pastor in Guananito, Villa Altagracia. For the past 12 years this church of MCC has supported IBEP. Built the church, English programs, Educational Support, etc. This year they visited families of the church and community and shared with them prayers, hygiene/grocery bags, the Gospel and friendship. It was a good moment of getting to know who we serve in a more personal way. These visits were a blessing not only to the visited but also to us the visitors. Also VBS was made at the church and many children of the community participated and were also blessed with crafts, stories, games and snacks.

Also a special team from FBC Williamson, NYS was the last team before going to Green Lake for the World Mission Conference. This teams has a sister church relationship with IB El Redil of San Cristobal. For the past 5 years or more this church has supported El Redil in prayers, and has been a great partnership.  Every December El Redil celebrates a Christmas Dinner with all members of the church and FBC of Williamson, NYS send 2 big boxes of Apples to distribute. Apples are a special fruit here on Christmas and every member waits for their Apple from NYS. It is a very special detail and treat that this church has with El Redil and we really appreciate this. Maybe you do not know how valuable an apple here is but if you see the faces of the children and the families when these apples are distributed maybe you will change the way you see apples. Thank you FBC Williamson and your support to Missions and Missionaries.

Cuba is also part my ministry. This year two young people from Puerto Rico and one from Dominican Republic went to Cuba to be at a Youth Retreat during Holy Week. Their experience was amazing and challenging. The opportunity of mixing these 3 countries was great and very productive. New friendship, opportunities, blessings. I hope that many teams like this can be arranged to share the gospel and the different views of it with others. May God continue blessing: Jorge, Maria and Brenda.

My year has not finished yet. I still have a trip to Cuba with a group of Pastors and Leaders from Puerto Rico and my last team of the year in December. God has been good, very good with me and my ministry this year. Many people have supported me and the ministry done in this country. Many thanks to each one of you that have been part of this. I wish I had more time to spend with each one of you. Next year is my Home Assignment Year and I plan to visit many of you personally and say thanks to each one of your churches for your support. I know is the time of the year when the World Mission Offering is collected in many of your churches, please give generously.  You know all is done with this money, and many more. Read our journals to your church and tell them we are very grateful for their support and prayers.

God has been good and will continue to be good!