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Chile Mission Trip Announcement - Come and See!

October 28, 2014 Journal
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Chile Mission Trip
Come and See!
In this journal:
  • An exciting opportunity to join a mission encounter in Chile in April 2015. Come and see!
  • How we spent our summer:  home assignment begins, Green Lake events, travels

CHILE MISSION ENCOUNTER 2015 - April 23 - May 8, 2015

You are invited to be a part of a mission team of 10-15 individuals traveling to Chile to support and encourage Dwight and Barb Bolick and to partner with them in ministry.

We will have the opportunity:

  • to worship with Baptists in the capital city of Santiago and to visit the summer camp they are developing to help reach urban youth with the good news of God's love.
  • to see examples of ongoing evangelism and ministries which grew out of the Baptist response to the 2010 earthquake in central Chile.
  • to experience the vitality of the Girls' Clubs created by Barb and learn of their growing impact throughout the country.
  • to visit the Mapuche churches where Dwight and Barb work affirming cultural identity and fostering economic development.
  • to witness bee keeping, weaving and yarn production, rain water collection, rural health initiatives, and a growing faithfulness to the Gospel.
Dwight and Barb Bolick will be our missionary hosts while we are in Chile.

Dr. Lee Riggs, Pastor Emeritus of First Baptist Church of Greensburg, Indiana will
be the Mission Team Coordinator.  Lee and his wife, Lynn, serve on the Bolick's
Missionary Partnership Team as the MK Advocates for their two sons, Jack and Will.
When possible, we will be staying in the homes of local church members.  This has
been one of the great highlights of past trips, resulting in wonderful friendships
and lasting relationships.
The cost for this 16 day mission experience is $3,250.00 per person and includes
 round trip travel and expenses from Atlanta, Georgia.
APPLICATION DEADLINE - December 15, 2014
Team members must be 18 or older and must be comfortable handling their own luggage
and walking in hilly terrain.

Want More Information?
For further information or to request an Application Packet, contact Dr. Lee Riggs
 by e-mail at [] or by phone at 843-424-7658843-424-7658.
Summer Wrap-Up

Our home assignment began July 5 when we landed in Texas, near Dwight's family.  We stepped into a stream of activities and travels, at times restful, and often like a whirlwind.  You have heard about the exciting gathering at Green Lake in July. Those two weeks were the occasion of three historic events.

  • The All-Staff Gathering was a time of reunion with colleagues, a time to debrief, share experiences from the field, and learn.
  • The World Mission Conference celebrated the heritage of the Judsons' pioneering work in Burma and American Baptists' 200th anniversary of missions.
  • The third event, spread over those two weeks, was the Appreciative Inquiry process which invited missionaries, staff, international partners, and American Baptists to begin discerning the future of International Ministries. We seek to discover what gives life to IM when we are most effective, and to "lay hold of that for which Christ has laid hold of us."
The image that comes to my mind in this is that of a great ship staying the course, keeping true north, avoiding shipwreck or running aground, and seeking to complete its purpose.

We witnessed at Green Lake, and in IM's history, a great mission organization that could have run aground or shipwrecked, but did not, because of the mercies of God, and the dedication of many staff, missionaries, board members and supporters who refused to despair, but kept the faith, practiced prophetic hope and imagination,and loved.

We are not just avoiding shipwreck, but discovering and claiming our true north, praying to discern where God is already on mission, so that we can say at the end of this process, "it seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us..."
Friends, the future is bright. New missionaries are coming to new fields, and old missionaries are finding their strength renewed to go deeper and farther into the kingdom of God.

Terra Incognita

Ancient mapmakers used to call unexplored, unknown places on a map "sleeping beauty." As if to say, uncharted places hold great promise.
We have found our convictions about the course of our work in Chile strengthened and affirmed. We are finding, in providential conversations with colleagues and friends, confirmations of the deep and persistent longings of our hearts for new and needed directions in our ministries.

Visiting Churches and Regions 

Barb has been in our apartment a total of five days since August 7!

Since Dwight chose to be near his parents as much as possible, Barb has been doing the majority of visits to churches. She is speaking twenty-six times in Indiana, in twenty-one days! She has already spoken in more than seven churches in PA in August. We spoke on more than seven occasions in Colorado, in churches and a regional gathering. We will be in Colorado and Wyoming in November.

We appreciate these opportunities to renew ties with supporting partners and to invite new partners to help us go from 85% to 100% of our support goal.

One Great Thing We Know

The World Mission Offering, received this month, remains one of American Baptists´best ways to equip our missionaries and partners in mission to live and share the gospel of the Kingdom of God, making disciples of Jesus Christ.

Your gifts to the World Mission Offering empower us and our mission partners in Chile to practice the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.

Thank you for your longstanding support and prayers. May God bless and make you complete with every good thing for doing God´s will.