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When The Road Curved ...

November 11, 2014 Journal
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"Is anything too hard for the Lord..." Genesis 18:14.

The road from local church pulpit to mission field is not straight. There are doubts in decision making; anxiety in raising financial support; bumps in finding balance between one’s preoccupation and ministries requirements, confusion in building network of supporters, and let’s not forget the enemy’s attack. In spite of everything, we made it through the lengthy initial discernment process. The date was set for our 2 weeks vision trip to France.

For us, vision trip is not just any trip. It's an opportunity to encounter God in fresh way; to broaden our understanding of our call to serve oversea; it's a chance to experience firsthand what God is doing in the country that was once a force behind Christian reformation; It's a time to get connected while experiencing cross cultural worship and fellowship. It's thus vital for our calling as we become more familiar with our future field of ministry.

 At the 2014 World Mission Conference, the idea of this trip became real to us when we met Marc Deroeux, the general secretary of the Federation of Evangelical Baptist Churches of France. Meeting and speaking with him only increased our longing to go on the vision trip to France.

But then the road curved. Our current preoccupations present difficulties in enabling us to arrange for the extended time needed for a fruitful trip from end October through early November, and that our vision trip would need to await the point at which we reach 25% of our  PSG (Personalized Support Goal).

It was with great sadness that we canceled our vision trip. Yet this difficulty has only strengthened our resolve. Once we raise 25% of our PSG, our status will be upgraded from IM endorsed missionaries to IM appointed missionaries; and we will finally be able to take our long-awaited vision trip, meet our future coworkers and witness the “harvest field” that God has called us to  serve.                                                                                                             

"Is there anything too hard for the Lord?" Well, The "Missional God" wants you to be the provision or the vehicle to the provision for this great mission.


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