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Thanks be to God

November 27, 2014 Journal
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At our first class at “God’s House” mission, “Daniela” announced that she was excited to take weekends off from caring for her elderly parents to study.  Apparently as a widow, the family expected that she would serve as caregiver with no time off, but after she put her foot down, they did take turns accompanying their parents on weekends.  She’d already had a victory before starting the course!

“Daniela” shared readily as we spoke about issues of healthy relationships.  She consistently expressed her gratitude for what she was learning.  On a personal level, she said it helped her deal with her parents (ex. her father gave everyone the silent treatment when angry) as well as with her children and grandchildren.  “I feel better and have a more positive outlook on life.  People even tell me that I’m looking younger – and I feel that way!” Daniela concluded.  I was thanking God for her growth.

However, it wasn’t until the last class that MORE of the story came out.  Daniela had been a founding member of the little mission where our class met.  When her son moved out of his apartment (in a housing project), the church rented it and continues to use it as the mission’s meeting place.  At some point, Daniela had felt offended by something and left the church.  Unfortunately, her daughter also left the mission with her, something she deeply regrets. 

Yet, someone at that mission church had invited her to attend the course.  While studying, Daniela was with members of the mission leadership team and she experienced their supportive concern and genuineness.  Daniela has returned to the mission church!  She is now actively participating and feels that she is growing spiritually.  Her prayer now is that she can bring her daughter (and grandchildren) back into the church, since they live at the housing project. 

This unexpected result gave me goosebumps.  I am so thankful that we serve an awesome God who can multiply our efforts and transform people’s lives.  I am thankful for those faithful Christians at the mission who impressed Daniela.  I am also very thankful for your prayers and financial support which makes it possible for God to touch lives like Daniela's.  Thanks be to God!   

P.S.  Please check out “Giving Tuesday” (December 2) as an opportunity to show gratefulness to God by supporting missions.