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House of Love celebrates 20 years

October 29, 2014 Journal
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Last month I mentioned major milestones in my life of 30 years (coming to Thailand) and 40 years (the formation of Thailand Baptist Missionary Fellowship-TBMF).  This month—it is a 20 year milestone—marking the day when a young ethnic minority mom and her 11 month old daughter showed up on the doorstep.  The mother knew she was dying of AIDS, and wanted to be back amongst the hills of northern Thailand.  Unbeknownst to her, I had been praying with staff about what our response should be to trafficked ethnic minority women who were HIV positive.  God had graciously prepared our hearts to receive them!  One of our TBMF doctors, Dr. Bina Sawyer was able to see them, but at that time, there were no medicines to be able to treat.  Our goal was to open a hospice, where ethnic minority women could come with their children and have a safe place where each could live out their last days surrounded by God’s love.  We worked to secure funding through the Australian government, and in Feb. opened the first House of Love.  Since that time, HOL has been home to a total of 89 HIV-infected ethnic minority women and their children and other at-risk ethnic minority children.  While 31 woman and children have died in the last 2 decades, 30 had made a decision for Christ before dying.   Another 34 have accepted Christ’s gift of salvation.  I marvel at what God has done—and know that the House of Love is indeed a place where God’s love lives! Thank you to all who have supported this dream with finances and prayer—this is a milestone for you, too!