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March 4, 2015 Journal
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As we have spent the last seven months traveling and speaking at churches, conferences and to numerous individuals, I have been thinking about what this time of U.S./P.R. Assignment, also known as furlough, means. Why do we as missionaries come back from our areas of service, leaving behind ministries, homes and friends? I’m not trying to minimize the importance of our being in the United States, just thinking deeper about what it means—both to the missionary and to those we visit. As I thought about this recently a word came to mind: Conversations.

I checked that great fountain of knowledge, Wikipedia, to find out what it said about conversations. I learned that no generally accepted definition of conversation exists, that it is typically spoken communication, but some written forms can also be considered conversations and not all spoken communication is considered a conversation.

No matter how we define conversation, I have come to realize how important conversations are during our time in the U.S. We are able to connect with family and have direct conversations with them, not limited by the computer sitting between us. Catching up on the mundane details of our lives is special and renews our spirit. The same goes for time together with friends.

  Talking about our ministries in large groups is a great way to share some amazing things God is doing around the world, but it is in the conversations before and after these events that we find ourselves being blessed.  People asking for more detail, or sharing how something we said has had an impact on them.  These conversations are where relationships are born and nurtured. This is the time when we get to move beyond newsletters and cards to really share our hearts and to hear the hearts of those with whom we converse.

There is a more important conversation that each of us should be involved in—prayer. This is not something that has to wait for a specific time or place, but can take place in the moment. Jesus sets the example for each of us to follow. We read in the Gospel accounts the importance He placed on getting away to be with his Father.

As we head toward our return to Bulgaria in July we look forward to many more conversations with those we will still have the opportunity to meet. We wish our time would allow for conversations with each of you, but with limited time, newsletters and cards will have to do. We are thankful for each of you who remembers us in your prayers.

During this Lenten season, may each of our conversations lead us, and those with whom we converse, to a deeper walk with the One whose death, burial and resurrection we are journeying toward.


As we have shared about our ministries we have often mentioned the building project of Sofia Baptist Church and the ways in which this new site will serve the community. After over 10 years of work, the building is nearing completion and a tentative opening celebration has been set for September 20, 2015. We are so excited that we will be back in Sofia for this grand celebration!


Outreach update:

We have been hearing from our outreach team that goes each Sunday night to reach out to the girls and women working along a highway that goes around our capitol city of Sofia.  Please pray for the outreach team as they seem to be facing hardships from all directions—illness, family issues, spiritual and physical attacks, lack of male drivers which makes it impossible for them out on Sunday nights—the list is long.

Please also pray specifically for two ladies who are trying to get out of a life of prostitution.  They are facing incredible challenges along this journey, and only through prayer and God’s mercy and grace will they ever have full and whole lives again.    

Prayer Requests: