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Newsletter: How Far We've Come With You

March 20, 2015 Journal
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Newsletter January 2015

“You will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” Acts 1:8

Thank you for joining American Baptist International Ministries in praying for us and making donations to help underwrite the ministry to which God is calling us in France!

Looking forward:

We will leave for our two-week vision trip to France as soon as we reach 25% of our Personalized Support Goalthis spring, Lord willing. We are looking forward to attend our security and cross-cultural training in the summer of 2015.

We need your ongoing support to reach our brothers and sisters with the message of transforming hope and the love of God. Please help us fulfill the passion that God has given us for the desperately under-reached country of France. Partner with us in prayer and in pledged giving, and join us on this journey that God has laid before us!

Just in case you're wondering how far we've come:

First contact with the International Ministries: July 2013

Endorsement: March 2014

Orientation: May 2014

Starting network building/fundraising: July 2014

Number of Prayer Cards handed out: 1,226 (that’s right (one thousand two hundred twenty six)

As of today, we’ve been blessed to partner with these churches:                   Date visited

Mill Creek Baptist Church (ABC- Indiana/Kentucky)                                         10/26/2014

First Baptist Church of Waukegan, IL (ABC-Metro Chicago)                             12/14/2014

North Shore Baptist Church, Chicago, IL (ABC – Metro Chicago)                     12/28/2014


We’ve also enjoyed the hospitality and the interest of the following churches:                          

Greater Bethesda Baptist Church (ABC Metro Chicago)                        09/07/2014

First Baptist Church Moline (ABC-GRR Area I)                                    09/21/2014

First Baptist Church of Logan (ABC-WV Baptist Convention)              10/13/2014

Andover Baptist Church (The Baptist Churches of MA)                         10/19/2014

First Baptist Church of Needham (The Baptist Churches of MA)           10/19/2014

Emerson Baptist Church (ABC-Greater Indianapolis)                            11/09/2014

Christ Community Christian Church, Wheaton (ABC-Metro Chicago   11/23/2014

United Chin Christian Church, Wheaton (ABC Metro Chicago)             11/23/2014

First Baptist Church of Ottumwa (Mid American Baptist Church, IA)   11/16/2014

Community Church of Wilmette (ABC-Metro Chicago)                         01/28/2014

We have been invited to visit these regions:

ABC-Massachusetts                          10/18/2014

ABC-Metro Chicago                         11/08/2014

ABC-Great River Area IV, IL           03/22/2015

Thanks to the following churches and associations for their donations:

King's Daughters Women's Mission Society at Raritian Baptist Church, IL

First Baptist Church Mission Society, Macomb, IL.

First Northern Baptist Church, West Frankfort, IL

Mount Vernon ABWM at Mount Vernon Baptist Church, IL


A special thanks to our Mission Partner Team (MPT) members who have graciously devoted their time, skills, and expertise in helping us to build the a network of supporters. May you be blessed,

Larry Greenfield, ABC Metro Chicago Executive Minister

Claire Marich, United Methodist Church Chaplain

Sherry Nelson, Chicago Public School Teacher

Chakravarthy Zadda, Chicagoland Ministry with the Asian Ethnic Churches

Naomi Mitchell, ABC Metro Chicago Coordinator

Scotty Robertson, Mill Creek Baptist Church Pastor