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Home Sweet Home

March 30, 2015 Journal
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Dear Loved Ones,

Season greeting from our loved Haiti. We have safely arrived home. What a relief! Sun shines, hot and humid. No rain in sight.


When we look back on our days in the States, we praise God for the wonderful blessings He pours on us on a daily basis. We covered so many air miles, road miles, ferry boat miles and train miles. This would not be possible without your genuine love and support. We are well aware of this fact and we don’t take that for granted. Thank you.


Our voyage from Phoenix to New York was very smooth. It was freezing cold in New York and we could hardly wait to get out. From New York to Miami and then Haiti, the flight was very calm and we could hardly wait to land in our beloved city of Cap-Haitian.

We were warmly welcome by our Haitian Baptist convention general secretary, the reverend Emmanuel Pierre and his lovely wife Ma Jojo. We had rice, bean sauce, fried banana and chicken. This meal brought back the good smell of our loved Haitian dishes.

At the university, our home, the president, Dr. Jules Casseus, was waiting to greet us and wish us bon retour / welcome back.


In the evening, we meet at the president’s house with Dr. Steve and Mama Nancy James for a piece of welcome chocolate cake.

We find our house in order and clean thanks to the family we left to watch it for us.  


We are now trying to find our way in midst of thousands of things we have to do.


Thank you for loving us and accepting to partner with us in being the feet and hands of Jesus in Haiti.




Nzunga & Kihomi






Dear Supporters,


Dorothy said it best “There’s no place like home”.   They came to do a short 6 months of deputation work and it stretched out to over 8 months due to passport problems.   You can see how much they love Haiti and the people they work with there.   Look at the homecoming they received.


I want to add my thanks for all who hosted, fed, transported and did the many other thinks that is needed to allow then to speak so many places.  A special thanks to all who helped me with the scheduling which is a massive job.  I really appreciate it.


Now our job is to support them in prayer and financial support so they can continue to show God’s love to the Haitian people. 


Because He loved us first,


Dennis Shewell

Mission Partnership Team Communications Advocate and Convener

Nzunga and Kihomi Ministry


Phone: 812-569-1352


Other team Members:

Les Roberson

Diana Peysha

Terry Bivens-Fry

Charles Newman