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March and Graduations

April 19, 2015 Journal
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I love celebrating graduation—it is the culmination of a lot of effort for the student, and the input of many prayers and financial resources from those around the world who care about our House of Love (HOL) family.  I invite you to join in celebrating our graduates and also invite you to pray as they transition to new schools and programs. Bank is finishing 6th grade and will be changing schools for junior high.  Four of our students have finished the 9th grade (in Thailand, this is when students must choose between a vocation or academic track).  Adoh has plans to go to a vocational high school.  She will study early childhood education.  Agnee (her twin) will be going on to a vocational school to major in languages, especially English.  Noi has chosen an academic program, majoring in Japanese and English.  Ponchai would like to study automobile/motorcycle mechanics and repair in a vocational high school.  We have 3 girls who have graduated from 12th grade and I am so pleased that all 3 have plans to continue studying.  Nid will pursue tourism at junior college, Ai is going onto university with an undeclared major, and Duan hopes to study communications at the university level, with a special interest in photography.  And then we have our first female college graduate, Juju, who is graduating from university with a degree in primary education - hopes to find a teaching job. That made for a long paragraph, but I hope you will praise the Lord with me for these students reaching these milestones, and also join in praying for them! 

Other prayer and praises for this month:

Praise the Lord that the House of Love (HOL) students finished their semesters well!  Our college girls are now on a new schedule and won’t finish their semester until June—so we appreciate you praying for stamina for Da, Pai, Mai, and Daw Neung.

The House of Blessing (HOB) has also finished their school year—we have 19 graduates this year—what a praise!  The HOB teachers are now in the process of interviewing 24 potential new students for next year.  We value your prayer as we prepare for the new school year which will start in May.

Khun Waraporn plus other staff and students from the Christian Center for the Development of Persons with Disabilities (CDPD) will be busy sharing at Karen district church conferences during the school break.  They will be working to increase the awareness of the needs and the potential of persons with disabilities by giving messages, selling products made by our students and mothers’ group and giving massages.  (Massage is taught to some of our blind students as a vocation.)

House of Love (HOL) 20 Year Celebration—Please continue to pray for us (staff and kids!) as we prepare for our celebration of 20 years of being the House of Love family.  We have many logistics to still work out.

And we are preparing to welcome a team of people from the US who are coming to do a camp with our House of Love (HOL) family.  They will be here from April 5-17th.  Special this year—2 of our college students, Mai and Da, will be sharing from the Bible for the whole group.  Please pray for traveling mercies, and then a good time of connection and growth once we are together.

Finally, I would ask for prayer for strengthening for a special visitor and friend of our project who has become very ill while here in Thailand.  Everyone at the HOL has been to the hospital for visits, and I have been there daily.  I would also appreciate prayer for myself as I help in this difficult situation.  Thank you for coming alongside us here!

April Update:  Our friend has been called into God's loving presence.  We mourn his passing along with his loving family and rejoice that he will be waiting for us in heaven when we get there.