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Kihomi travels South - Part 4

April 23, 2015 Journal
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Dear loved Ones.


Dieulitha, a health care teacher, was the victim of the January 2010 earthquake.

I have been closely monitoring her, have cared from time to time. Mother of three children, she has been in and out the hospital, more in than out with her family. Women of her church take care of her children whenever they can and when they have means.  The children are 12, 9 & 6 years old.   

Dieulitha is paralyzed from waste down. Her life is a miracle in itself. She went from Port-au-Prince to Dominican Republic, then back to Haiti at Milot hospital. From Milot she finds herself at the Haitian Baptist Convention hospital in Quartier Morin. This is where I first met Dieulitha. Months later, the CBH hospital discharged her. She went to her village, Carrefour-dent in South of Haiti. From her village, she was urgently taken to Boniface hospital in Fond des Blancs where she spent over a year.


Everywhere she has been for her care, she leaves a very good impression on the staff as well on patient. She is known as a counselor to other patients and to the staff.

She watches on the wellbeing of patients and help the staff to know who is critical and in need of assistance. At one time, she is the one who called the staff to tell them about a patient who has just died. Her faith is obvious in spite of her wheel chair bond.


In spite of her counseling gift, Dieulitha suffers from time to time from lack of the basics to sustain her three children with an absentee jobless husband. She doesn’t have a family. Her parents died when she was a child. Her only family is her church.


Please remember to pray for the many Dieulithas we all have around our areas.

Pray for my physical and emotional strength, as I travel sometimes long distance (for over twelve hours on our roads) to go visit, reach or help People like Dieulitha.



Thank you for your love, your prayers and your support.


Yours in Haiti,





Dear Friends,


You may remember that Dieulitha was rescued from a pile of bodies as she was thought to be dead.  Life has been tough for her and you can see the difference in the pictures over time.  The earthquake has been forgotten by most and the feeling is that things are better but not for many people that were injured.  Or for the thousands of orphans this tragedy produced.  Please pray for them and for Kihomi as she tries to comfort them.  It takes a toll on her to see so many sad situations. 


In His name,


Dennis Shewell

Mission Partnership Team Communications Advocate and Convener

Nzunga and Kihomi Ministry


Phone: 812-569-1352


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