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Volunteer Update from Chiang Mai, Thailand

April 23, 2015 Journal
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"I heard, but I didn't understand.”  So I asked, "My lord, what will the outcome of all this be?” Daniel 12:8

God wants each of us to serve Him and minister to others, so the Holy Spirit gives each one of us special gifts to do so.  1 Corinthians 12: 4, 11

"Our purpose is to Glorify God and enjoy Him forever." 

My family in Christ,

No matter what kind of day or week we are having we can always find joy and comfort knowing we were created by a loving Father for a purpose. Finding that purpose is often difficult. For some it takes no time at all to figure it out.  For others it takes a little, no, a lot longer!  Keep looking to Him to put you on the paths He has planned for you! 

For me it has taken almost a lifetime.  I have lived my life believing I had no particular talents.  I had no dreams of service or teaching.  It never, ever crossed my mind that I even could teach. Oh, I remember, years and years ago, I thought maybe some day I would like to work with Literacy Volunteers.  I have always been a tremendous reader and know reading is the key to any type of education.  If I had known about this I could have gotten certified years ago and been teaching all this time.  Who knew!  God knew!  But he kept it to Himself and held His secret close;  He saved it for me especially to discover when my heart was open to receive the idea!   God has shown me the purpose He had stored up for me.  I have been allowed to discover a totally different me than the one I thought I knew.

Over the last year and a half I have discovered much to my delight and wonder that I am a pretty good tutor!  This school year has been a very crucial one in CRICS history.  I feel so privileged to have been a part of the accreditation process that is so important in keeping CRICS the much-respected International Christian School it is.

I work with 7 to 10 kids on a daily basis to improve their English speaking and writing skills.  There have been days I have wept with frustration and others I have sang with joy!  For some of these children, this is the third or fourth language they have had to learn in their short lives.  Some are Chinese or Korean and have lived in India, China, South America and/or Mongolia.  Now they are living in Thailand and attending an American founded, English-speaking school because their parents want them to have the best possible education in the area.  I cannot even begin to imagine how difficult it is to study in an English-speaking facility using English books with only perhaps a minute English vocabulary and no understanding whatsoever of Western culture and history. Weekends are chock full of lessons in English, piano or violin. Their parents may be involved in mission and ministry and may be out in the villages all weekend with no internet or cellular services.  Sometimes it is Sunday evening before they get home and the homework doesn't get done.  The kids don't complain, but it is not easy being a MK!

On the other hand, I understand one of the grads from last year said that compared to her Sr. Year at CRICS, her first year of college was a breeze.  I thank God for keeping His purpose for me saved up especially for this time of my life.  What a wonderful surprise!

Blessings.  Louann