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Shuffling Dominos in Cuba

April 23, 2015 Journal
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Have you ever played dominos? 

It’s a great game that is very popular throughout most of Latin America. As one of the pastors we met on our Discovery Trip to Cuba described it, the game of dominos is also a good metaphor for learning and growing. At first the game consists of matching up the numbered tiles, creating an ever growing, ever more defined pattern. But at the end there is a process called “viento” or wind in which all the dominos are reshuffled on the table, much like the wind is blowing them, and everyone starts anew.

 During this trip, I found myself in “the wind” most of the time! So many of my preconceived notions about Cuba, Cuban Christians, members of the group, and even what faith in God really means were challenged and that’s a good thing! 

Very little is as simple as it seems and there is nothing like encountering Christians whose cultures and life experiences differ from ours to challenge our all too simple ideas. In fact, our group motto was “It’s complicated.” I am so very thankful for the opportunity to be “shuffled” like this by the “wind” of the Holy Spirit, to be shown time and time again that things are not always what they seem to be and to be encouraged to open my mind and heart to the “complicated” realities of our brothers and sisters in Cuba. 

But one thing is not complicated. No matter what our differences may be – cultural, political, or theological – we truly serve One Lord and whatever “shuffling” our God may do is leading us all to a deeper form of unity.