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Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?

April 28, 2015 Journal
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Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Both provide options for income for impoverished women!
I came home one evening several weeks ago not feeling well, so I lay down. An hour later, I was awakened by the sound of a smoke detector. I opened my bedroom door to discover a strong chemical-like smell. I closed the door, and when I opened it again, the house was filling with smoke.

The police arrived first, in remarkable time, followed by the fire department. They filtered in and out of the house, from time to time calling out questions. Was anyone else inside? Did the house use natural gas? Was there a basement? Finally, their search revealed the furnace to be the source. A few days later, a repair person identified the problem more precisely - an electrical short in the water pump had caused the wires to burn, sending out smoke and the potent odor that lingered for weeks.

I had, many times, considered what I would do if I was ever faced with having to exit a house quickly due to fire. In reality, I found that in those brief moments, there was little time to grab even the relatively few items I would hope to salvage. As I stood making quick decisions about what to do next, the smoke and odor intensifying the pressure, I felt I had little option but to accept what was happening. If there were flames burning in another part of the house, what would be lost would be lost.

One of the engines that responded when my home was filling with smoke
One of the engines that responded when my home was filling with smoke

 The box on top of the water
The box on top of the water
pump reveals the burnt wires
For so many in the developing world, lack of options is a constant reality. In Zambia, lack of education, job skills, and opportunity causes many women to feel they have to accept what is with little hope for change.
One of the ways the Baptist Convention of Zambia (BCZ) hopes to empower women is by training them to raise poultry, the sale of which can provide a steady source of income.
One of my colleagues in South Africa, who trains people in both poultry farming and health building skills, gave an example of the impact this type of project can have: Thandi* is a bright, compassionate single mother living with HIV. She moved from a rural home to the city and worked four days cleaning houses for $28 a week. In 2012 she was trained in health and poultry skills. She hatches 100 chicks to sell each month, and she sells both chickens and eggs. Her income is now $100 weekly. Thandi was able to move back to her preferred rural home to care for a relative who was dying, and Thandi shared chickens with her. One of the most exciting aspects of Thandi’s story is when she asked, “How do I become a missionary?” She didn't just ask the question; she responded to serve her rural neighbors. She has started Bible groups, a feeding ministry for young children, and she trains others. She performs HIV, sugar, and pressure testing and makes referrals. Thandi’s ministries are largely self-funded though poultry production!

I hope that the scare in my home is as close as I ever come to a house fire. Having few good options can be a terrible position to be in. I also hope that, as I come alongside the BCZ in their ministries to women, we will see many women transition from having little opportunity, to having the skills and resources they need for abundant and fulfilling lives.

Training women in poultry farming is just one of the ways the BCZ plans to assist women. More to come in future journals...

*Not her real name
 Thandi was successfully trained in poultry farming
 Thandi's poultry business
more than tripled her income
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