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Life is Fragile

May 7, 2015 Journal
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Have you ever had an experience that reminded you that life is extremely fragile?

I recently sent a prayer request for Pastor Ryan and his family because his son, Luke, is battling a relapse of leukemia (see update below). Not long before Pastor Ryan learned of his son's illness, another of his sons fell on a large piece of broken glass and lacerated his knee so badly that medical personnel were concerned about the possibilities of both infection and tendon damage. Thankfully, neither were present, but as Pastor Ryan shared the story, "I got this panicky feeling and I remembered something - life is extremely fragile."he told of how his mind had considered the scary scenarios that could have been had his son landed differently on the glass - "What if it hit his stomach, or his throat, or his head, or his eyes, or his heart, or an artery?" Through his son's injury, he was reminded of the fragility of life. "I got this panicky feeling and I remembered something - life is extremely fragile."

While events like that occasionally jar us into remembering how precious and uncertain life is, that reality is even more consistently present for our neighbors in Zambia. In a country where the life expectancy is only 57, the HIV/AIDS rate is 12.7% (up to 22% depending on the area of the country), and 51,000 children under the age of 5 die annually - 51,000 in an area slightly larger than Texas - death and loss due to factors relating to poverty are all too common.

Agricultural skills can empower women in Zambia
Photo: 2014 Collins Kaumba/World Vision
By addressing root causes of poverty with physical, emotional, and spiritual resources, some of those statistics can begin to be reversed. The Baptist Convention of Zambia has established plans to offer resources that will empower women economically, socially, and spiritually. One of those resources is agricultural training. 

In the past, drought has led to crop failure, increased food prices, and loss of income. Consequently, household food security weakened, further increasing incidences of malnutrition and other health-related problems.
By learning agricultural practices, and the skills to market their produce, women can grow food for consumption and for profit, resulting not only in self-sufficiency, but in sustainable economic growth of the area.

The Food Resource Bank* reports that Neda, a woman who lives in the southern part of Zambia, was hesitant to try conservation farming (CF) techniques, but once she did, she was convinced that they were better than the methods she used previously. Using CF techniques, the soil retains more moisture, and crops sustain periods of dry weather better than with conventional methods. Neda said that her crops produce higher yields using the CF techniques, and that she usually earns a good amount of income to support her family and pay school fees for her children.

Life is fragile in every part of the world, but by learning agricultural skills, women in Zambia can increase food security for themselves and their families while contributing to the economic improvement of their communities. Consistent supplies of food can thwart malnutrition and associated health issues, and an improved economy can lessen poverty-related disease and death. By equipping women with agricultural skills, the BCZ can help reduce some of the consistent reminders of the fragility of life in Zambia.


Learning agricultural techniques can empower women

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Update on prayer for Pastor Ryan: Pastor Ryan's son, Luke, is now about half way through the critical first month of treatment for leukemia. There have been some trying days as the treatment is very aggressive, but Luke is fighting through. Please pray for healing, comfort, and encouragement for Luke and his family.
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