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Transition House Mother, NightLight Int'l, Bangkok, Thailand (Volunteer Opportunity)

June 19, 2016 Opportunity
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House Mother Needed (Long Term Volunteer position)

Job Description:

Maintains daily routine of the House during shift.

The Transition House (TH) is a transitional facility, providing safe accommodation for survivors of human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and domestic abuse. House Mothers are part of a team dedicated to holistic healing and restoration of dignity as we help women return safely to their home country. As a House Mother you will oversee the daily routine of the residence, while pursuing nurturing, meaningful relationships with residence. This is a full time volunteer position. House Mothers will serve four days per week.

Applicants with a social work or similar background are preferred, though not required.

This is a volunteer position requiring at least one shift weekly, up to four days per week. This has potential to be a part-time or full-time position.


·      Accommodates the Client after the Admission to the House, i.e. provides with personal living space, Personal Hygiene Kit, offers shower and laundry, holds an orientation to house rules;

·      Develops Chores Schedule, daily menu and assigns chores;

·      Responsible for execution of the Transition House day-to-day operations;

·      Emails case notes to at the end of the shift or work day, pending the Case Management System;

·      Manages Client-Client conflict resolution;

·      Enforces House rules;

·      During medical treatment assists Clients with timely dosages of medication;

·      Builds healthy healing relationships with the women;

·      Responsible for purchasing of House needs;

·       Can be a Trainer in the area of expertise and/or lead worship, if applicable.


Line of communication:

For more information, email or