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Matching Opportunity Ending June 1

May 26, 2015 Journal
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Thank you to all who have helped to make the Matching Gift Opportunity a success! Because the Opportunity has been so successful, the matching funds are being utilized quickly. Therefore, the Matching Opportunity will end on June 1.

There is still time to have your gift doubled! Eligible gifts postmarked by June 1 and marked for the match will be doubled. If you would like to give a single gift or become an ongoing donor and have your first gift matched, visit the Matching Gift Opportunity page. At this point, over $4500 ($9000+ when doubled) has been donated through the Matching Opportunity toward my support. The total amount is well on its way to reaching $10,000 in matched support by June 1!

Important: When giving, please be sure to state your gift is for the matching opportunity in order for it to be doubled, and specify that it should be applied toward my support. You may have your gift doubled even if you have given before (but it must be above current levels of support if you already give regularly). Please see below for further details.
Over $4500 has been given toward my support through the Matching Opportunity. Securing the remaining support needed before departure will put me in position to begin my term of service in preparation to come alongside the Baptist Convention of Zambia in their vital outreach to people of Zambia, utilizing education, economic empowerment initiatives, and discipleship to facilitate positive change for people experiencing significant poverty.

Spring Matching Gift Details

For your gift to be doubled:
* Give a single gift or become a regular supporter. For new, regular supporters, your first gift(s) marked for the matching opportunity can be matched, and subsequent gifts sent after June 1 become part of the ongoing support needed for prolonged ministry in Zambia

* If you are already supporting regularly, give in addition to your current support, or increase your support level (gifts already coming in on a regular basis do not qualify for the match)
* Important: Clearly mark the gift for the Spring Matching Gift Opportunity
You may give
* By mail with a check or money order made out to International Ministries with “Match - Kathy Charland” on the memo line
Online at 
* By phone at 800-222-3872 x2323 (state that the gift is for the 2015 Spring Matching Opportunity when you call)
* Postmark gifts by June 1, 2015.

* Please share the matching gift opportunity with your friends, church, or anyone with a heart for missions to encourage them to participate! You can share via email, Facebook, or Twitter using the "Share/Tweet/Forward" buttons below
Thank you for your support of the ministry in Zambia!
Click here to support this ministry through the Matching Gift Opportunity --- Please be sure to specify the gift as "Match for Kathy Charland"