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Dominican Republic-Time Really Flies!

June 10, 2015 Journal
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In November 2003 I arrived this country as a Missionary. Already 12 years! Time really flies! I am now getting ready for another home assignment year starting in August 2015. Many adjustments have to be made in order to leave Dominican Republic for a year. This is the part of my ministry that I do not like, leaving behind what I love. I know is for a good cause, but still hurts. 

These past years have been of many blessings and opportunities for many communities, churches, families, individuals. God has been faithful and good. I have been supported by many US/PR Churches. Many have come year by year to visit and do missions here in the Dominican Republic or Santiago de Cuba.

I really thank God for the many missions team that come to Dominican Republic and Cuba to serve. Serving is the most important part of my ministry. It is the essence of it. If you come to the DR is to serve and be blessed. That is why all teams come again and again! 

There are many ways of serving here! You can do VBS (Vacation Bible School), Medical Clinics, Construction, Evangelism, etc. There are no limits.

 Many thanks for your support!