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Smalleys' June Update '15

June 27, 2015 Journal
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We wanted to give you an update of how life is going for us - currently, unless a miracle happens we won't be able to leave by the end of June…

   As you can see, we are still short in our monthly support (one of the MOST important ways you can help), as well as in our Language school support.

   Since we CANNOT LEAVE until our financial thermometers are filled, we remain in the US. We pray that we can be back in time for English Camp, to help with the staffing, since often it is on the lean side.

   Lately I have been hearing and reading nearly the same continual theme - "Using your resources for God, rather than for man" - I often think about how this applies to our exact situation.

      So, as the month of June wanes - what we hoped would be our departing month, we are trying to not be too depressed as this time of waiting extends.

   If you know anyone who would like to help get us back, or to hear what we are doing in Hungary, we would love to chat with them! Email us back:)