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May 31, 2008 Article


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The Xtreme Team is on Haitus

It is with much prayer, consideration, and encouragement that we are announcing that the Xtreme Team will be going on a one-year hiatus in 2011 as the program is reevaluated and updated! Ideas are swirling as a team of missionaries, staff and Xtreme Team alums take a look at the next generation of young adult mission.

Listening sessions will be planned in areas around the country to hear what young adults and those who are serving with young adults have to say. We value and need your input!

Watch for news about what will be unveiled in 2012!! We're excited!!

In addition - a 2011 Xtreme Team alumni trip is being planned for Haiti, so if you are an alum and are interested in serving in Haiti, please contact us!
The Xtreme Team Staff

The Xtreme Team is for young adults, ages 19 - 29, and is called Xtreme for a reason!  It's not your everyday mission trip. You see, the team members are not told what they will be doing on a daily basis, they are not told who else is going on the trip, they are not given any details about the trip at all!  All they know for sure is the country they are visiting and when they will arrive and depart.  The rest is a mystery! It's an intense faith walk in following Jesus to the Xtreme!

The team will start off their Xperience with an orientation and team building time,  then spend three weeks in Haiti learning about what God is up to in Haiti and joining with Haitian Baptists in their ministries. The team will finish off in debriefing and sharing in beautiful Green Lake, WI with the ABWomen's Conference, 2011.

The Basics:
Dates:           June 22  - July 22
Cost:            $Still being determined... but don't worry, you'll be able to raise support!

Each participant is requested to raise their own support, which will cover all food, housing, transportation and accommodations costs while they are in Haiti as well as all transportation, housing and food for orientation and debriefing. The team member is also responsible for raising funds for their airfare from their home to the orientation and debriefing sites. *Cost may change due to exchange rates and other unavoidable circumstances.

During the time in-country, Xfiles (clues about what is coming next) are prepared by the leaders to lead the Xtreme Team members to their next mission Xposure. We choose to use this method for several reasons: it certainly is an Xercise in faith, it forces team building and most importantly it reminds us that much of our Christian walk is a mystery to us, but not God! When we say to God "here am I, send me" we must be prepared to go whenever and wherever He calls!

The daily events of the Xtreme team are based on the Xtreme Team learning model which is composed of the following principles:

XPERIENCE a variety of "mission", mission-related issues, and people involved in mission

XTEND your hand of friendship and service to people of a different culture…maybe even a different faith

 XPAND your mind as you encounter different ways of thinking, communicating and behaving. 

 XAMINE your values, priorities, commitments and responsibilities in relation to people of  other cultures as well as those dedicated to global mission
 XERCISE your faith as you  cross culture boundaries and are Xposed to Xtremes in climate, geography, quality of life, religions customs, and global issues, and more.

 XPLORE God's word and world as you search for the fullness of Christian mission.

Does this sound Xciting? It is!  It is also Xciting to see how lives are being changed through the Xtreme Team. Young adults are being given an opportunity to serve God in a way that is meaningful to them. The Xtreme Learning Model has two additional learning concepts which cradle and support each and every "X1" purpose.

Xpect to meet God in our Xtreme adventure together
Xpress to others what God is doing in the world and in us through global mission.

Want to apply for the trip?  Do it now!  Go to APPLY and download the application and reference form.  Fill out the application and give out three reference forms.  One should be from your pastor, and two from people who know you best.  None of your references should be family members.  All you PK's out there..if you need help, email us.  Once your application and references are received by us, you will be considered for the team.

If  you would like to know more about the team, email us at, send us your name and mailing address, and we will send you a brochure and DVD.

The Xtreme Team is designed to connect young adults with the global mission of American Baptists. Our purpose is to grow a passion and interest in mission for the here and now as well as to cultivate global mission leadership for the future.