International Ministries

Learn About Global Mission Service at Hear the Call

July 20, 2015 News

Are you interested in getting an in-depth perspective of what it’s like to be a long-term missionary in global service? Do you want guidance in discerning if this may be God’s call on your life? Would you like to talk with current IM global servants about their own journeys from discernment to full-time international ministry?

If so, there is a weekend retreat that you should not miss!

Hear the Call is sponsored by American Baptist International Ministries (IM), a leading global mission organization that is celebrating 200+ years of service and is reaching toward God’s future. The retreat is designed to help individuals and couples discern God’s call on their lives for cross-cultural international mission.

Since the first annual conference in 2012, this event has played a significant role in launching the ministries of 12 current IM global servants and one extended short-term volunteer, as well as in guiding numerous participants to a variety of other ministries.

This was the case for Rebecca and Larry Stanton, current IM missionaries in Hungary. “We sat, walked and ate with missionaries and peppered them with questions,” Rebecca recalls. “Stories of trial and blessing were shared with such love and wisdom. Moms, wives, teachers, grown MKs (missionary kids) and IM staff convinced us the door was wide open. I left the conference overwhelmed that I could be a part of this great organization that had as its motto: ‘Invite others to Come to Christ, Grow in their relationships with God and Change their worlds through the power of the Holy Spirit.’ ‘Sign us up!’ we said, and we entered the first stage of becoming career missionaries.”

“Our call retreats have proved to be instrumental in helping men and women discern and clarify God’s direction for ministry and find their place in IM’s community of global servants,” says the Rev. Jim Bell, IM director of Vocational Development. “We look forward with excitement and enthusiasm to encountering God and making new friends as we seek together to ‘hear the call.’”

Attendees will meet with IM global servants and staff members to hear firsthand accounts of cross-cultural ministry and gain an understanding of the mission principles that undergird the work of IM. The event will feature opportunities to discuss pressing concerns about life as a global servant, uncover common misconceptions about what it means to be a “missionary” and learn about how to enter into ministry through IM. There will be times for prayer, worship, Bible study and reflection—both alone and with others who are wrestling with the same questions—making the event a powerful discernment and preparation experience.

To learn more about Hear the Call or becoming an IM global servant, contact Jim Bell at