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August 30, 2015 Journal
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Last month I asked for prayer for scheduling my up-coming time in the US.  I will be sharing in churches and with individuals from September until the end of November.  I want to again ask for prayer for myself, as looking ahead to the next 3 months, life is quite full here, and yet I need to take time away to plan what I will be sharing during the time in America.  I feel like I really need the Lord’s leading and his enabling to get everything ready, and so I would value your prayers as I prepare.  Thank you!


All of our high school and grade school students at the House of Love (HOL) are back in school!  Please join us in praying for diligence in studies for each one.  Pray for our university students to be using internship and employment to make the most of their school breaks.  I so appreciate knowing others are praying for all those at the HOL!

We are starting to visit the homes of relatives of our HOL children.  The purpose of these visits is to see how family relationships can be strengthened.  I have included a photo of one of the six visits we made in May—some of the places were very remote, requiring hours of travel. One such visit was to see the grandmother of one of our boys, Pon, whom he had not seen in 5 years.  It was a tearful but happy reunion. 

Please pray for Khruu Rae, one of our long-time teachers at House of Blessing (HOB).  She will be leaving the HOB to work at a government school, and will be missed by staff and children alike.  Please also pray for a new teacher that will be joining our staff.

The Christian Center for the Development of Persons with Disabilities (CDPD) has added one of the Baptist missionaries to their staff.  Lea is from the Philippines and has been in Thailand for 30 years and has an amazing skill set that she brings with her,  Please pray for Saylo and other staff to help Lea transition in to be most effective.

Our staff at the IMEMF will be having 2 days of meetings of visioning, setting goals and planning strategies for the future.  This is being led by a non-Christian from the Thai government, and so I would like you to pray that God is very evident in all of the planning we do.