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September 9, 2015 Journal
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To be honest, the last months have been extremely taxing and I have felt some discouragement, but in His perfect way, the Lord encourages me—and I wanted to share a story that I hope will bless you too.  This past week, we had a large group of students from Japan come for a visit.  It was not a Christian school, but the leader still asked for some of the House of Love kids to share.  One of our girls shared her testimony.  “N” came out of an abusive home, and shared with tears in her eyes some of the difficulties, but ended with the powerful statement, “No matter what has happened to me, I am sure that God has a plan for me, and the House of Love is part of that plan.  I have value because I am a child of God, and I know I am loved.”  Thank you for your prayers and financial support of the HOL—it does make a difference!

Education has always been a priority at the House of Love (HOL) and so I am very excited when educational opportunities become available for our students.  Mai, a Japanese major now in her last year at university, will be leaving in Sept. until the end of January for a semester abroad in Japan.  Praise God for this wonderful chance she has to study—but there are quite a few things that need to be prepared—so pray for her also!

Our HOL students in high school have just passed the mid-term, and many are in their final year of school, which means many final projects need to be worked on.  Please be praying for diligence on the part of all of our students.  At the same time, I also would ask for prayer for each of our kids as they struggle with life and how to be uniquely Christian.  We really need the Lord’s wisdom as we parent them!

Thank you for praying for one of our House of Love (HOL) boys who has been having many challenges at the deaf school.  We have hired James, a Lawa Christian teacher and he has been so helpful with “S” already (and actually is wonderful with all of our boys!).  James has told me he feels that being at the HOL is his calling right now.

Praise God for a good parents’ meeting at the House of Blessing (HOB).  And I also am thanking God that one of our HOL girls is able to volunteer at the HOB while she awaits her college term to start. Also, we have welcomed Hannah, the daughter of missionary friends, who comes daily to help. The extra care and love these girls can give is very welcomed!