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Update on Chile Earthquake and Tsunami

September 21, 2015 Journal
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The damage from the tsunami's resulting from the earthquake is grave - 13 dead, 3-4 disappeared, 265 homes destroyed, 175 heavily damaged.

But it is limited to the coastline near the epicenter.

Since the affected area is 700 miles or more from where we live and work, and we don't have churches in that area, it is unlikely that we can send volunteers there to help.

The Chilean army, and hundreds of Chilean volunteers are there now cleaning up and helping in many ways.

In comparison, the 2010 earthquake released 5 times more energy.

How does Chile withstand three major (8.4, 8.2, 8.8) earthquakes and two volcanic eruptions in five years and keep on going?

1. Early evacuation system
2. Tsunami alert system continuously improving.
3. Seismologists constantly monitoring, able to predict within minutes the place, and time of the "train of waves."
4. Best construction standards- flexible, resistant, energy-dissipating, soil studies before design.