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Pray for Threatened Pastors

September 30, 2015 Journal
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Death Threats Target Turkish Protestant Churches

 Please Pray


Fifteen Turkish Protestant churches have been sent death threats by Islamic State.  These threats have been sent via Facebook, email, websites, and mobile phones. The messages vow to “kill, massacre, and behead apostates” because “you have chosen the path that denies Allah.”


The Association of Protestant Churches in Turkey stated, “threats are not anything new for the Protestant community who live in this country and want to raise their children here.”  One Turkish pastor who received IS messages by both email and text said, “They are saying things like they had been waiting for us to return to Islam, and that we are responsible for other Muslims turning to Christ, that our time is up and that Allah will give them our heads.”


These pastors and churches have approached their local government offices and police stations requesting protection, but as of the time of this article, they have received no help.  Most of these Turkish congregations are composed of former Muslims.


Please pray for these Turkish believers who continue to serve the Lord faithfully and raise their families with this threat very much on their minds.


Please pray for the ministry of Rich and Laura Freeman as they continue to encourage and lift the hearts of these Turkish pastors and leaders.  It means so much to these dear brothers and sisters to know that believers around the world have not forgotten them and are praying for them.  We are organizing prayer networks and “adoption” of Turkish churches for the purpose of prayer.


For those who have been praying, all the believers who have received threats are currently safe!