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October 9, 2015 Journal
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Dear Loved Ones,


Greeting. One of the challenges we face in our third world countries is working together as a team, owning the institution even though you know deep down that it is not yours. I lived this mentality in Congo and I am living it again in our Haiti.


At the eye clinic, my staff expects me to tell them what to do.  They think I know it all and have it all. To overcome this mind set and to educate our people to taking charge of our institution, we meet regularly to discuss issues and decide on what is going on. Nothing is hidden and all of us have the right to participate.


We have not reached the top of the mountain yet but we are slowly moving there. 


Thank you for standing by our sides in this helping hand ministry.


In Haiti,


Nzunga & Kihomi   



Hello Supporters,


One of the great principles of International Ministries is to work yourself out of a job by training the indigenous people to take over.  It is very hard to do where people, especially the women, have been taught from childhood that they can’t do anything by themselves.  Kihomi has dedicated her life to try and change this attitude to empower women. 
Even men if they have little or no education are reluctant to believe they can do it.  Encouraging others to take charge is a constant job but very rewarding when one finally steps up to the challenges.  Pray that those with the gifts to lead will get past their fears and take charge.




Dennis Shewell

Mission Partnership Team Communications Advocate and Convener

Nzunga and Kihomi Ministry


Phone: 812-569-1352


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